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A Fine Day for Finley

by Staff Writer / Boston Bruins
Today should be "mildly" interesting…to say the least.

Brian Finley will take Hannu Toivonen’s spot on the Bruins roster and in the dressing room this morning and practice at Wilmington should be something to see -- if only to see the left handed goalie (wears catching mitt on his right hand) for the first time in a month and a half.

However, I am pretty sure that the coaching staff will not put the team through the same paces that we saw yesterday, when Our Boys were given the tasks of one-on-one full length hockey games that lasted until someone scored or just-couldn’t-move-anymore-because-he-was-so-gassed.

You’ve read about the puck blocking dill, and although the pucks were soft, I am sure some of the guys are waking up a little sore from that, as well.

No, I think today will be a "normal" practice day at Ristuccia, followed, no doubt by a lot of questions for Mr. Finely and Mr. Thomas and Coach Lewis.

I’m hoping to figure out Jason York’s status, too.

In the interim, here are some quotes from yesterday:

"It could be a good thing for Hannu…go down, get some playing time, work hard yet, go back to the simplicity of playing hockey. If you get enough playing time, it allows you to just play -- instead of thinking and playing…that’s what you try to get back to. We discussed it a little bit last night, when he found out. You can turn almost anything into a positive and I think that’s what he’s going to do in this case."
Goalie, Tim Thomas, on Toivonen’s departure from Boston

"We don’t like to see guys get sent down…we know what the real reason is, it’s because the team is not playing well. We have to get it together. We can’t get too high, and we can’t get too low. We’ve got to keep it in the middle and just concentrate game to game…This is a team game, it’s not an individual sport. Everyone is to blame, there is not one person to blame."
Assistant Captain, Glen Murray, on the loss on Monday and Toivonen’s going to Providence

"Obviously [Monday] was a tough loss. We all know that. We know that we have to be better and we have to stay out of the box. Hopefully we can do that against Toronto. They are the same kind of team, with a lot of firepower of front, and a good powerplay, so, we have to be ready and…do the little things to win."
Assistant Captain, Patrice Bergeron, on getting ready to play Toronto

"I’ve said this before. It’s not my thing to worry about -- it’s to play hockey, to come in everyday and try to do my best and let the management worry about everything else…they told me [Monday night] but it doesn’t make a difference when they tell you. They make their decisions when they feel they are needed…the number one thing that we as players need to think about is playing hockey and leave everything else for the other guys…it’s always nice to play, I’d obviously rather do it over here, but that’s not the case. Nothing changes, you still try to do your best everyday and work hard. The results will come."
Goalie, Hannu Toivonen, on being sent to Providence

"[Hannu’s going to Providence] to build himself back up to the level that I think he can be at…You know, the injury last year laid him up. It’s hard for young players to get better when they don’t play. His season was going pretty good, from what I understand, last year when he was playing and it was just a bit of a setback as far as the injury goes. So, now…its just a matter of him getting himself where he feels comfortable in the net at this level."
Head Coach, Dave Lewis, on Toivonen
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