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Ask a Player: Alex Pietrangelo

by Staff Writer / St. Louis Blues
Less than a week after he was drafted, the Blues gave fans a chance to submit their questions for Alex Pietrangelo. With hundreds of submitted questions, we narrowed them down and presented him with 10 questions that summed up what most of you were asking. His answers are below.

If you didn't get your question answered this time around, keep an eye on in the future for more "Ask a Player" features.

1. What’s the hardest your shot has ever been clocked at?
– Jeremy Baeten, St. Peters, MO

Alex Pietrangelo: 95 mph at our team’s skills competition this year. I’ve been working on it.

2.I’ve heard that people are comparing you to Chris Pronger. Does that add any pressure?
– Jack Shipton, Calgary, Alberta

AP: No, I think most young players get compared to NHLers. I think it’s more of a compliment to my game.

3.Describe how it felt being picked by the Blues.
– Daniel Derkatch, Ottawa, Ontario

AP: It was an amazing feeling. All of the hard work that you’ve done in your whole life and career, it’s kind of paid off. It’s more of a relief to get everything over with. I was pretty pleased to get drafted here.

4.What are your plans if you do not make the Blues’ roster this season?
– Frank H., St. Louis, MO

AP: I’ll just go back to where I played last year in junior and work on my game and hopefully get ready for the next year.

5.What do you feel you need to do mentally or physically to prepare yourself for the upcoming season?
– Adam Levy, Belleville, IL

AP: Depends on whether it’s here or juniors, but hopefully it's here. It’s a totally different game. Everybody’s here to fight for the same job, and physically, they’re a lot stronger and older than I am. I’m just going to work hard and be ready for every shift.

6.Who is your role model in hockey that has helped you accomplish what you have so far in your hockey career?
– Chad Benson, Olney, IL

AP: Role model is probably my dad, I mean just because I look up to him for what he does. But hockey wise, there’s a guy like Nick Lidstrom who has had a great career and he’s played steady his whole life. I want to have a career like that.

7.Do you hate the Red Wings?
– Sara Ohlms, St. Louis, MO

AP: No (laughing). We’ll change that.

8.What was your first thought when the Blues called your name on Friday night?
– Tyler Madden, Troy, MO

AP: I can’t believe my name just got called. I mean not much else crossed my mind. You kind of blank out for a few minutes and just try and enjoy the moment.

9.Watching guys like Erik Johnson and Sidney Crosby make a quick leap right into the NHL, do you feel pressured to contribute at an elite level right away?
– Dane H., Damiansville, IL

AP: It’s not so much pressure, but it’s more that you feel like you can do the same thing. Obviously, it seems that St. Louis is giving young guys a chance like David Perron and Erik Johnson, so it makes me feel pretty confident that I have a chance to make the lineup.

10.What do you think will be the biggest transition from juniors to the NHL?
– Geoff Baker, St. Louis, MO

AP: Just the speed factor. Watching practice, it’s a whole different level than junior hockey. Everybody is stronger and quicker, so I’ve just got to get used to that.

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