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'Twas Early December and All Through the League

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

December 7

Twas early December and all through the league
Players were falling and not from fatigue
An elbow, a knee and a fist full of knuckles
Replaced the cheers and the bright shiny buckles

The games have been close in scoring each night
But defense is certainly not quite as once tight
A lead, then a goal, then another at that
Has put the Jackets on edge like a cat

A turnover, a check that is lost in the fray
Comes now at time when the team needs a play
On Chimmer, on Brass, on Juice with a goal
Come Mase, come Tyuts, come Commie fill the hole

The game is not lost unless 60 is played
It remains a constant for the fans that have paid
They'll clap, they'll stand, they'll wildly cheer
They'll mix food with the occasional beer

The games are not won by one goal or a save
It takes all 23 to play hard and behave
Stay out of the box and work, do your part
Be sure the mirror will reflect all your heart

This remains a full season, there is plenty to go
There is 50 to play and some hope in the fro
To the land of postseason, the task is at hand
Hard work and the skill must be part of the land

On Jake, on Vermie, on Umbie - all three
Your game is a must for this team to be free
Of questions, of thoughts, of fingers that point
No need to fret hard play, so let's rock this joint

Rusty is lost to the team just for now
You know he will work when healthy and how
'Til that time, it's a game, it's a love, it's a slash
The goals and the "D" will be lead by Rick Nash

On Boller, on Dorse, on Mac with some pride
There are no passengers on this formidable ride
From losing to winning, it will take more to fall
As opponents get ready to be part of the call

You know our own Hitch will work for the key
On Ags, on Murph on Claude it takes all three
To find the cure for a team that can win
In a league that calls defensive trapping a sin

Whatever it takes, whatever the task
The answer in part relies with the mask
It's a save, it's a stop, it's a rebound galore
Plays like that allow the Jackets to score

The more the merrier, the way of the game
Allows the Jackets some more of the same
They can score, they can shoot, they can check, they can root
For their linemates and teammates to successfully shoot

This month of December is of gifts that one gives
But the giving is over in the nets where life lives
The holiday season for feasting on Jackets
Comes to a close as the team tries new tactics

Stay tuned!!

*Throughout the season, AAA will bring you the Broadcaster's Blogs - "Bobby Mac's Blog," "Davidge Dishes" and "Rimer Ramblings." The Columbus Blue Jackets radio and television analysts will try to keep you updated on all the season action through their blogs, especially when the Blue Jackets are on the road.

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