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Rick Nash Chat Transcript---Feb. 9

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets
Rick Nash has arrived. We're ready to begin.

CoLumbuS 61
With your recent play, do you think Columbus can come back for a bottom seed playoff berth? And if not, what should the fans expect from Columbus next season?

Rick Nash
It's gonna be tough, we got ourselves in a deep hole. You never know in sports, but if we don't make it, you can expect a good run next year. Hopefully, we'll be healthy.

Defensemen Ed Jovanovski and Scott Niedermayer won't be at Torino, so do you think it will affect the confidence of the team and does Team Canada still have a great chance to win the gold?

Rick Nash
Obviously it's a big loss with two big guys going down, but the two guys we've filled their spots with are great defensemen and will fill their spot well.

What do you perceive as the greater accolade? Taking gold for Canada at the Olympics or lifting the Stanley Cup?

Rick Nash
I think they're both unbelievable accomplishments. They'd both be amazing to attain. I think winning the gold medal is something to be extremely proud of on an international level. Lifting the Stanley Cup is the everybody's ultimate goal as a hockey player.

Rick, who has been the your greatest influence in your career?

Rick Nash
I'd say my parents and my family. They supported me, took me to the 6am practices and went to the games. They obviously paid for me and helped me to become the player that I am. They are my biggest fans.

What is the biggest difference to playing on a bigger ice surface in international play?

Rick Nash
Less body checking and different type of game style. It's faster and exciting, similar to the "new" NHL, with a lot more rushes and odd-man breaks.

Rick, what kind of impact has Sergei Fedorov had on you and the team?

Rick Nash
He's been huge. I grew up watching him and it's a thrill to play with him on the same line. It took a little while to get things going, but now that we're starting to jel things are going well.

Hey Rick, which team and player do you look forward to playing in the olympics?

Rick Nash
I think it will be fun to play the Czechs and my teammate David Vyborny. They beat us at the World Championships and it will be a great challenge for us.

Hey Nasher! Now that the team is playing great and inspired hockey whats the team atmosphere been like?

Rick Nash
It's been great. Everything has been positive recently and the atmosphere is much better. It's really fun to come out to the rink now and play competitive hockey.

Rick, what do you feel will be team Canada's greatest asset? (Offense, defense, goal, coaching, hard work, etc.)

Rick Nash
The good thing about us is we have a even amount of skill in each area. We have great goaltending, lots of talent on offense and a rock solid defense. That's a positive with our team, you have tremendous skill at each position.

canada's sakic
In your eyes who is best goalie, offensive player and defensive player you have ever faced?

Rick Nash
Martin Brodeur is the best goalie. Chris Pronger, Adam Foote, Scott Stevens, Rob Blake are the toughest defenseman. Mario Lemieux, Joe Sakic, Jaromir Jagr and Mats Sundin on offense.

Hey Rick, if you were able to decide who your linemates in Torino were, who would you choose?

Rick Nash
It wouldn't matter, everybody is unbelievable. I've played with Joe Thornton and Simon Gagne, but anybody I play with will be an honor.

Who is the most physical team to play against?

Rick Nash
In the NHL, it's probably Calgary and Nashville. International, it's not that physical with the bigger ice, but I'd probably have to say the U.S.

Since you are such a young guy, how is it balancing life on and off the ice? What do you do for fun in Columbus? How do you get away from the hockey scene?

Rick Nash
It was tough at first coming in as an 18-year-old. Now that I'm 21, it's much easier and a little more fun. To get away, I watch lots of movies and just try to relax and rest up the body. Sometimes I'll go out with friends for dinner.

Hey Rick, I saw your interview with Michael Landsberg on Off the Record and you stated your ideal linemates for the Olympics would be Bertuzzi and Thornton (which i agree would be a killer line). What was your reasoning behind that answer?

Rick Nash
I was told that was a rumor. It was just thrown out there and I was responding to that question. Like I said before, it would be an honor to play with anybody on Canada.

Hey Rick! Do you have an all-time favourite song that you like listening to before games?

Rick Nash
Not really, I like listening to punk and alternative, but not one particular song.

Rick, with the exceptional rookie class, if you could add one of the NHL's current rookies to the Blue Jackets roster, who would it be?

Rick Nash
I'd say Ovechkin. There are so many good young players this year, I'd take anybody. Crosby will be good and the kid in Buffalo, Vanek, and Svatos in Colorado too.

Apart from the high chance of winning Gold, what are you most looking forward to doing in Turin?

Rick Nash
Just being part of the whole experience. The biggest thing is being an Olympian. We have a lot of games in such a short time out there. I think it's seven games in 12 days, ideally, if we go all the way. So just cherishing your time out there. It's an honor.

Rick, who do you hang out with the most or would you say you are closest with on the Jackets?

Rick Nash
Probably the younger guys. Pascal Leclaire and Jody Shelley I hang out with quite a bit. Trevor Letowski is another guy, but we have a close team and all get along great.

What are some of your favorite movies?

Rick Nash
Youngblood, Slapshot, Shawshank Redemption. Those are my top three. How to Lose a Guy in 10 days is another one.

Whats the worst jersey you've ever seen?

Rick Nash
I'm not a big fan of Nashville's mustard jerseys.

Hey Rick... Who's the player that has hit you the hardest since entering the league?

Rick Nash
Ed Jovanovski got me once at the blue line with my head down. It was a hard hit, but I was back up and ready for the next shift.

That's all the time we have with Rick Nash today. Chris Pronger will be joining us in 25 minutes. Thank you.

Rick Nash
Thanks for the support and sticking around to chat with me! Take care.

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