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Questions Arise?????

by Bill Davidge / Columbus Blue Jackets

All that can be asked are questions.  These questions need some answers in the years to come to better the technical aspects involved in our game today.  The human element of the game can be re-instituted along with the technical advances. This will still allow the proper calls to be concrete in this multi million dollar business.  Let the questions begin.  Let the answers be answered….some how…someway…Let these questions be answered by somebody that knows and loves the game like all of us involved in the game on a daily basis and the fans of the great game of hockey that each night beg for answers when there is controversy.


As time elapses in this technologically advancing society, our sporting events are on the borderline of getting away from human error to the modern “answer all” video replay that should be an assistance.  This will undoubtedly give the coaches, player’s officials and fans the ability to have the “proper and correct” calls being decided on the playing field.  It is the best it has ever been…but ….have we gone too far with outside agencies making decisions for us?


One instance occurred on Friday night against the NJ Devils. There was one heck of a hockey game going on in NWA, as the CBJ gave up 2 goals in a span of  1:13. …they went on to lose the game 2-1. Controversy arose during the calling of the second goal.  This was a goal that needed some assistance as Don Koharski, one of the leagues best officials was left on the 200’x 85’ alone after his cohort Brian Pochmara was icing a dislocated shoulder in the referees room. 


The controversial puck entered the net after several instances occurred prior to the goal being called a goal.  It is not my intent to bring up such instances about a possible mauling of Fedor Tyutin behind the net; and/or Mason possibly having control of the puck with no whistle; and/or that the net was knocked off its moorings before the contended puck crossed the goal line.  My intention is to ask some questions in hopes of garnering some future answers that can better our game”


Where did the goal judges disappear?

What does a video goal judge do? 

Who makes the call on the ice, is it the Official or is it the War Room in Toronto? 

What actually is the War room in Toronto?

Is there a boss and others in the decision making mode?

Is Toronto capable of spending the needed time to make the decision properly?

Should there be a time frame on making that decision?

When a referee makes a call on the ice can he be overturned in Toronto?

Can Toronto call back to the official on the ice and say “ hey…it’s all yours baby, forget you called us?

Can we adapt the NFL’s replay module inside the penalty box to assist in the discretionary decisions needed in the game?

Could we just have the official(s) go and review in house?

Can we put a time frame on how long it takes to make that decision again?

Can we agree to have all decisions during the game be decided in house?


These are questions and there are more!!!


After hearing the post game press conference regarding what happened during this instance in Columbus, it became very frustrating for those of us who were in attendance…..and let me state that during the broadcast with the new technology called “slingbox” with Tivo, it is possible to view any given situation over and over and over again much like the video coach of a team, as well as the capable crew of Toronto. Therefore…..what can be witnessed by one is not necessarily what another may see….that in itself is inconclusive.


So is it time for a change?  What should change? What is….?....there we go again….back to questions again. Someone come up with some answers!!!


Stay tuned?   Yes …stay tuned!!  That is not a question…..that is a statement


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