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Q&A with the CBJ: Anson Carter

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets
As a diehard Columbus Blue Jackets fan, you’re probably used to watching your favorite players from the seats at Nationwide Arena or on TV. But we at want to give you an opportunity to get more in-depth info. about YOUR TEAM. Today marks the first of a weekly installment of “Q&A with the CBJ.” Every Friday, a Jackets player or coach will answer 10 questions letting you, the fans, learn everything from his on-ice aspirations to what food he devours on game nights. This week’s subject is the most recent CBJ acquisition, right wing Anson Carter. – Q: What is it about hockey that you love the most?

Anson - A: I think it’s just being in the locker room with the guys and just the feeling of winning and scoring goals. You can’t explain the rush of having 20,000 people behind you, yelling, screaming and cheering when your team does well. - Q: What are your personal goals and what are your goals for the team this season?

Anson - A: My personal goal is just to help this team get in the playoffs. That’s it. It ends and starts just like that…I think if I’m playing the way I’m capable of playing and the guys are playing the way they’re capable of playing, I think we’re going to get in the playoffs and do some damage. - Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your family and growing up in Toronto?

Anson - A: Well, my mom and dad are originally from Barbados. They came to Toronto in ’68, and my sister, my brother and I all grew up there. I lived in Toronto until I was 18 and went to Michigan State University, and after my senior year at Michigan State, I played my first pro game with the Washington Capitals. - Q: Who were some of your heroes growing up?

Anson - A: Well, my parents, first and foremost. I try to emulate everything about them. I was a big bandwagon-jumper. If you were winning championships, I loved you. Michael Jordan was a hero of mine. So were Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier and guys like Joe Montana. If you were a winner, I was behind you 110 percent. - Q: What has been highlight of your hockey career so far?

Anson – A: The highlight for me is just being drafted. It was a big shock getting drafted in Tier 2 before I went to college. I thought I was going to get drafted after my freshman year in school, but getting drafted before then–even though I was drafted in the 10th round–made me be one of those guys that hasn’t been given anything in his career and had to earn it being a 10th round pick. That’s probably the thing I’m most proud about. – Q: What’s your favorite thing to eat both before and after a game?

Anson – A: Because I’m a creature of habit, I eat the same thing–spaghetti and chicken–every single pre-game. And then after the game, it’s just a shake, usually, and I try to get some spaghetti and chicken back in me to get the carbs and protein back up. After the game your system is working overload, so it’s hard to eat right afterwards, so I get a protein shake in me. – Q: What kind of music gets you pumped up?

Anson – A: From team to team, you’ve got different music tastes. Sometimes it’s country. Some other places have rock ‘n roll, but for me, I love hip-hop music. I love Lil Jon–his “crunk” sound. I love dance hall/reggae music–anything that’s really upbeat that has a lot of energy and a lot of intensity. – Q: If you weren’t playing pro hockey, what would you be doing?

Anson – A: That’s a tough question. There are a lot of interesting professions out there. I’d probably be a movie producer. I kind of like having to put together the parts and assemble a team, similar to being a general manager in hockey. And [being a GM] is right up there as well. I think GMs and producers are both similar in what they have to do in terms of managing budgets and putting together the pieces that you need to have a successful team or movie project. – Q: Even though you haven’t been in Columbus long, who is your funniest teammate?

Anson – A: That’s pretty easy. It’s ‘Chimmer’ (Jason Chimera). I knew ‘Chimmer’ when I was in Edmonton, so I know a little bit of his wacky personality. ‘Chimmer’ is the goofy guy hands down. – Q: Last question…how would you describe “Anson Carter” in one word?

Anson – A: Winner.

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