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ONE-ON-ONE WITH: Peter Sarno

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets recently took time to talk with prospect Peter Sarno about training camp, his development, and other hockey topics. What part of your game would you like to improve?
Peter Sarno: I think every player needs to improve on their game. I think I need to improve my play away from the puck and getting involved a couple more times. What has it been like playing at the different levels?
PS: It’s definitely different. As you get older, you start to focus a little bit. Then you have to train that much harder and be that much faster to play at the next level. Was it difficult to adjust to the speed of the NHL game?
PS: It’s tough. It’s the fastest game in the world, and it’s the best players. It’s an adjustment, but it’s something you have to be able to do to stay at this level. What was the key to your success with Manitoba?
PS: I had a lot of confidence, and I was playing with good players. And anytime you get things like that, it’s a bonus duo. How difficult is it to win a faceoff?
PS: It’s pretty tough, especially when you are a smaller guy going against the bigger guys. And they’re trying to cheat as much as possible, too. I have to use my quickness and speed. What tricks have you learned over the years to become better at winning faceoffs?
PS: Cheat as much as possible and a little thicker blade on my stick. How frustrating is it when you get kicked out of a faceoff?
PS: It’s pretty frustrating. The refs in the NHL are pretty good about watching centermen trying to cheat. What is your pre-game ritual?
PS: Basically I take a nap in the afternoon, get into the arena really early and preparing my sticks, and getting focused for the game. What do you do during the off-season?
PS: Just kind of relax. But once June and July hits, I start training and get ready for the next season. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
PS: I would probably be a professional gambler. I am not a big gambler, but it’s something I enjoy doing in my off time. I think I am good at it, so why not make a living out of it.

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