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by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets took time to sit down with forward Ben Simon to discuss his first season as a member of the Blue Jackets organization. What do you feel is the strong point of your game?
Ben Simon: I think I just keep it simple and I work hard. I don't do anything fancy, just play solid, consistantly, night in and night out. What part of your game do you feel you could improve on?
BS: A lot actually. I could improve defensively and there are little things I need to focus on offensively like protecting the puck more and taking advantage of my scoring chances. What do you feel is the most important lesson you have learned in your hockey career?
BS: To show up everyday. If you don't do that, someone else it going to steal your spot. It is about just being a professional every day. What is it like adjusting to the speed of the NHL game?
BS: It’s difficult at first, but after a couple of shifts you get used to it and you feel comfortable. How has it been adjusting to the new NHL rules?
BS: It's really different, there is not a lot of clutching and grabbing, you really have to learn the game all over again. You have to be in better position all the time. It is about going back to basics and making sure you are in a better defensive position. How did you get your start in hockey?
BS: My older brother played, and you know, you always want to be like your big brother. I learned to skate, took some classes and started playing hockey and I have loved it ever since. My brother played in high school, he is my biggest fan. What is it about hockey that you love so much?
BS: It's a fun game. You get paid to play a game that you love. I am grateful everyday. If you weren’t playing hockey, what would you be doing?
BS: Probably being delivering pizza. No seriously, I think I would have been a coach or a teacher. What grade would you teach?
BS: I like the younger kids, get them younger and you can mold them and really teach them. What is your pre-game ritual?
BS: I really don’t have too much of a pre-game ritual. I just take a nap after pre-game skate. I always try and sleep for two hours. What is your nickname? How did you get it?
BS: I usually get Ben or Benny, some guys call me Simple.

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