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Join The Battle: The Community Weighs In

by Rob Mixer / Columbus Blue Jackets

Join the battle.

It is -- very succinctly -- a call to action, a rallying cry that unites Blue Jackets fans, players, coaches and staff members under the same umbrella: let’s all pull on the same rope and take the team to another level.

The organization unveiled its marketing campaign for the 2012-13 season over the weekend, beginning with an advertisement in Sunday’s edition of the Columbus Dispatch. The slogan debuts in earnest today – and Blue Jackets fans will see the “Join The Battle” logo around town, on television and hear the radio spots with regularity as the next NHL season draws closer.

Here is the official mission statement of “Join The Battle”:

“A theme born from history, from pride and our commitment to make the Blue Jackets a force to be reckoned with. It speaks to the battles that take place both on and off the ice, and taps into the rich heritage associated with the state of Ohio since the Civil War.

‘Join the Battle’ is a rally cry for the entire city – from the front office in the arena to the fans on the streets, and means we’re Carrying the Flag together to the next level.”

The slogan has been well-received throughout the #CBJ community, and the conversation on social media channels is supportive of the new rallying cry. Delving deeper into to the club’s civil war identity was a focal point for fans who discussed the slogan on Twitter and Facebook, and many expressed a fondness for the slogan because of how easy it is for the fans to identify with its mission. reached out to some #CBJ community leaders to get their reaction on “Join The Battle.” Here’s what they had to say:

Matt Wagner | The Cannon
Twitter: @bzarcher

MATT'S TAKE: "I love that #JTB revisits the Civil War imagery/identity for the team. I think fans have really embraced that as a way to make Columbus unique among NHL teams. I also think it's a great move by the team to approach the fan base in a much more participatory and inclusive way."

Jeff Little | Ten Minute Misconduct
Twitter: @JeffLittle_10MM

JEFF'S TAKE: "'Join the Battle' represents a return to connecting the slogan with the franchise's Civil War motif. It also carries the connotations of struggle and combat, which are appropriate to the game of hockey, and to the situation confronting the Blue Jackets on and off the ice from this point through next season. Personally, I don't put a lot of emphasis on slogans, but as a marketing and rallying tool, it's easy to see how this can be used effectively. A solid step forward."

Mark Erickson |
Twitter: @RedditCBJ

MARK'S TAKE: "I really love that, while some professional sports teams may be willing to sit back and accept the status-quo, the Blue Jackets are facing their performance issues head-on. They've recognized how hard you have to work to be competitive in the NHL and that the turnaround isn't going to be easy. From management to players to coaches to trainers, everyone has to improve if this team is going to be a contender. Everyone is going to have to be prepared for battle each and every day. The organization is not shying away from that responsibility, they're making a commitment to the fans that they're ready to fight and they're welcoming the fans to be a part of it."

Alison Lukan | The Union Blue
Twitter: @AlisonL

ALISON'S TAKE: "It gives us a rallying cry in response to all of these critiques – all while echoing the history of the Civil War Blue Jacket that has infused our branding since day one. You see, many of us have felt like we’re battling misconceptions of our town and our team. Many of us feel like maybe all parts of CBJ land aren’t giving 100% to be the best. So here it is – crystallized. Fans, Leadership, players, trainers, scouts, NHL – it's time to join the battle. It’s time to no longer accept what’s been going on and fight – hard – for the success that we want to achieve. No one is off the hook."

Ken Falk 
Twitter: @derdrache

KEN'S TAKE: "Join the battle" resonated with me immediately. I think that it, coupled with the third jersey aesthetic, really contributes to the image of Blue Jackets as a nod to the rich local history of the Civil War while acknowledging the intensity and struggle required on the ice every night that we ask our players to put forth. It promotes this vibe of "we're all in this together," and asks the fans to share that same intensity toward a common goal. When the team is successful, it will also serve as recognition to the fans who were there supporting the effort the whole time. I'll take great pride in that."

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