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Comments from Adam Foote's Press Conference

by Staff Writer / Columbus Blue Jackets
Doug MacLean’s Opening Statement:

“I think this is a huge day for the franchise. The day we acquired Rick Nash was a pretty special day.  The inaugural season when we were granted the franchise was a pretty special day, and opening night was a special night.  I equate today with those days.”

“[We] have what I think is the consummate winner in the NHL, a person that I’ve admired from afar for a long time…At every level, he’s been a special performer.  The rave reviews about [Adam] have been phenomenal around the NHL.”

On winning this year…
That’s why we pursued (Adam) so hard. I think he’s the one guy out there that has that intangible to do that for us.  I can’t imagine what it’ll be like for [the team] to watch the way this guy performs on a daily basis and on a nightly basis when the puck’s dropped.  To me that’s an intangible that makes champions.  That’s what Scott Stevens did in New Jersey and what Adam Foote did in Colorado and what Mark Messier did in the situations he’s played in.  I put him in that category as a leader.  I just think it’s an intangible that is really difficult to find, and I feel that he’s the guy that can help us get there.  We’re a young franchise, and we have to take a step.  We’re building for the long-term here.

Adam Foote’s Opening Statement:
“A few teams called me, and I got to talk to Doug MacLean here very early that day.  He was very energetic and made me feel wanted.  I also knew about the city. I knew it was a nice place for my family.”

“I’ve been able to play in Denver and was very fortunate to have a contender.  We had a contender there every year.  We had a chance to win every night.  Doug and I talked about where the team would go, and he made it clear that they want to win here.  That made it a lot easier.  He made it very clear that they’ll do what it takes to win.”

“It’s a new day, and I’m very excited. From the first phone call with Columbus, there was some feeling there.  We didn’t waste too much time.  We made a decision quickly, and we’re very happy with our decision.  This is my new team, and I’m going to be loyal here. I’m going to give it my all, and I’m very happy to be here.”

On what impressed him about the Columbus Blue Jackets…
The first phone call, the enthusiasm, the excitement, to talk to someone and feel you’re wanted.  With the change in the league, the CBA, there are so many things out there that no one really knows what’s going to happen with teams all over the league.  This is a team that we felt is on the up-rise.  They have a great star in Nash, and there’s a lot of good young players.  I felt that this was a spot that worked for us.  I liked the enthusiasm.  The first phone call really was exciting.  It’s going to be an interesting challenge for me.

On playing a leadership role with this team…
You’ve got some great leadership already in Luke Richardson and (Geoff) Sanderson as well.  I think you lead by example.  There’s a young team and they’re here to win.  I like what I see in their young players.  They’re tough to play against.  I’m very excited to see what happens and to see where we can take this.

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