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The Official Site of the Columbus Blue Jackets Q&A: Brandon Dubinsky

by Andy Brown / Columbus Blue Jackets

Brandon Dubinsky
was a guest instructor at Blue Jackets Hockey School earlier this week. After his session, we caught up with him to talk about his offseason, the World Cup of Hockey and more. What do you enjoy most about being out here with these kids at the CBJ Hockey School?

Dubinsky: Especially the young kids, it's a lot of fun, obviously. They skate around, fall down, and they're just out here to have a lot of fun. It reminds me a lot of when I was little doing these hockey camps. We didn't have an NHL team but we had a lot of guys from the college and the minor pro team that we had up there come out and you just cherish those memories. It just kind of brings you back to that. I really enjoy being with the little kids because they're just having so much fun out there, and it's fun for me, too. In general, what have you been up to this summer?

Dubinsky: Not a whole lot. A couple weddings, a couple vacations, a couple golf tournaments. It started long, but the summer shortened real quick when I found out I made the U.S. (World Cup) team, so I spent the last couple months here now trying to gear up and get ready for early September rather than late September. Has your approach changed, knowing you're going to have to be ready a little earlier?

Dubinsky: It definitely has, I started skating about a month earlier because the camp's coming up almost a month early. Training ramped up harder. It's just being focused earlier than normal, so it's definitely made a big difference. Who have you been working out with?

Dubinsky: It was a mixture. I was working out with [Jared Boll] until he unfortunately left the team, but Boone Jenner's been in and out, and Ryan Murray's been in and out. Probably my most consistent training partner down at the rink has been Kole Sherwood. He's a good player, a good prospect, and a strong guy, so he's good. We push each other and obviously have a lot of fun with it, too. Is there anything that you're working on in particular?

Dubinsky: It's always the same. You're trying to get bigger, faster, stronger, they always say those type of things. But for me, after being in the league as long as I have, it's just about making sure I keep my speed up, keep myself prepared and ready to go. And then injury prevention and being able to keep up, you know, the game's turning so fast and the kids come in and they're fast and strong, so just making sure I stay up with that.

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