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5th Line Q&A: Dancing Kevin

by Jordan Mills / Columbus Blue Jackets

If you’re a Blue Jackets fan, you’ve seen Kevin Schroeder bust a move at Nationwide Arena. Most recently, Kevin has become a web sensation, with nearly every dance he does going viral. He’s caught the attention of national television stations, newspapers, websites, and more. He’s even nominated for ESPN’s Fan Hall of Fame.

We wanted to get to know Dancing Kevin a little better, so we asked him some questions.

Q: What inspired you to start dancing at the games?

A: I started dancing in 2002 when my girlfriend at the time and I went to a game. We were sitting near the Zamboni tunnel and there was a camera operator in front of us. My girlfriend was trying to get on the video board the entire game, so by the third period I told her, if you really want to get on, a fat guy could get you on. I stood up and started dancing and the camera found me. My girlfriend got up to dance with me and I playfully pushed her out of the way, the crowd loved it – the dance was such a success, the team played it a few more times. I sent an email to the Blue Jackets thanking them for putting me on the video board and days later I got a response from them. The team then invited me to come dance for the season opener the following season. I had my girlfriend paint “GO CBJ” on my belly and when the time came, I ripped off my shirt, the crowd went insane, and the rest is history.

Q: You aren’t just known in Columbus anymore, you’ve become a viral sensation. What are your thoughts on your recent skyrocket to internet stardom?

A: That really hasn’t sunk in yet I guess. It’s weird for me to think how many people have seen the stuff I’ve done. It blows my mind and it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it. I recently took a trip to San Diego to see my sister and having people recognize me in different airports and cities is mind-boggling.

Q: Are you ever nervous before entertaining the thousands at Nationwide Arena?

A: I am absolutely terrified every single time, that is a lot of people that I don’t want to let down!

Q: What does Columbus and its fans mean to you?

A: It means everything. I love every brick to every bolt in this town. I love the people here, especially the fans. We’ve been through so much together and we’ve become a close-knit family. Columbus is home. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q: What are your thoughts on “We Are The 5th Line”?

A: I love the 5th Line; it’s a rallying cry for Blue Jacket fans. It lets the team know that we’re behind them no matter what. My favorite part is, it brings the community together with one purpose, to let the world know we’re united behind our Blue Jackets.

Q: Recently you’ve been nominated in the top 10 for the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame. Can you tell us more about that?

A: The ESPN Fan Hall of Fame is in its third year and it gives honor to those fans that go above and beyond the normal fandom. There are only six members in the hall right now and they are inducting three this year. It would be an honor to carry the Blue Jackets and the NHL flag into the Hall of Fame this year.

Q: How can we vote?

A: You can vote everyday, three times a day at until Dec. 10.

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