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The View from the Ice: Camp finale

by Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi / Chicago Blackhawks
(Rudi Ayasse / Chicago Blackhawks)

Today was our last scrimmage, and we played with the ELC group. It took me a little while to get comfortable out there. The pace was faster, and the guys were a little bit bigger and better. But as the game went on, I think I got more comfortable, more used to playing with my linemates, and I thought I did really well today.

Coming into my first prospect camp, I didn't really know what to expect this week. I just wanted to play my best, and I think I did pretty well. It was more about absorbing the whole experience and taking in as much as I can. My favorite part of camp was probably the on-ice stuff. I loved just being on the ice all the time, and getting to know the guys, how they play and everything. We had a lot of down time over the week, so it was kind of nice to hang out as well.

The coaching staff said I did well out here, so it gives me more confidence for next season, and hopefully I'll get off to a good start when I get back to my team in Barrie. I don't know what kind of role I'll play; that's up to my coach, but it's my second year in the OHL, so I should play a bigger role than I did last year. I don't have any specific goals for next season -- I just want to go out there and give it my all.

I'm not planning any big vacations after this. I'll probably take a couple days off this weekend and then just dive back into it starting Monday. I'm looking forward to just getting back to training and skating with my agent, working out a few times a week, skate a couple times, just do what I've been doing all summer.

The fans here in Chicago have been great, I love all of them. Thanks for coming out and watching us at prospect camp!

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