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The View from the Ice: A fan from the start

by Roy Radke, with Jack Rossi / Chicago Blackhawks
(Rudi Ayasse / Chicago Blackhawks)

Everybody was playing their best today; the talent out there is a lot better. My legs are feeling a little bit better from yesterday, and as your legs get better, you get faster. I just want to make myself noticeable. If I have to throw a big hit, I will throw a big hit. If I have to make a nice pass, I will make a nice pass. I’m just doing what I do best, and everybody else is doing the same.

Being from the area, a bunch of people have been coming to watch me at Prospect Camp. My dad was here both days, and my dad’s friend was here for a day along with my friend Brock and his girlfriend.

I was born in the city, and we lived in Lincoln Square for a little bit. We moved to St. Charles when I was about 5 years old, and when I turned 10, we moved to Geneva. That’s pretty much where I grew up, going through the Geneva middle school system until I left.

For my first birthday I got my first pair of skates. I was skating around the rink at about 1 and a half years old, so I have been pretty much skating as soon as I could walk. I played baseball, lacrosse and many other sports growing up, but I liked hockey the most.

I grew up watching the Blackhawks. My family are Blackhawks season ticketholders, so I’ve been to a few games. Of the current players, I look at Marian Hossa a lot and think he plays a great game. I try to model myself after him. There’s a little bit of an awe factor, trying to make my way up the organization, but everybody is a hockey player so I just have to do my best every day and show what I can do.

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