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Photoshop Wednesday: Super Blackhawks Smash Bros.

by Emerald Gao / Chicago Blackhawks

Since 2010, the Blackhawks' chosen recreational activity on the road has been Mario Kart, the multi-player racing game featuring characters from Nintendo's Mario franchise. According to winger Bryan Bickell, "when you're on the road you can go for a walk around the city to loosen up your legs and see some sights, but for the most part, the guys like Mario Kart because it's fun, competitive and it passes the time." It's a way for players to decompress and bond in between high-intensity games, allowing them to show their fighting spirit in another arena. That got the Blog wondering: Which video game character would each Blackhawks player be? Here are the results of the informal, highly unscientific poll:

Jonathan Toews as Mario: the classic leader, well-rounded and looks great in red.

Patrick Kane as Link (Legend of Zelda): Don’t let the baby faces fool you—both of these guys are fearless and great with their given weapon, be it sword or hockey stick.

Patrick Sharp as Mega Man: Neither ever misses their chosen target.

Marian Hossa as Donkey Kong: once a chief rival, now a hero. Neither one is very likely to be pushed around, either.

Duncan Keith as Sonic the Hedgehog: Fleet of foot, with a bit of a daredevil streak, both are loyal, natural leaders and focused on the task at hand.

Brent Seabrook as Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog): the humble sidekick and best friend who posseses a unique set of skills.

Corey Crawford as Yoshi: Both have a penchant for gobbling up anything that comes near and have carried their teams to great success.

Bryan Bickell as Bowser: fearsome on the outside, lovable on the inside.

Dave Bolland as King Boo (Luigi's Mansion): not the biggest Boo in the mushroom world. Nevertheless, both are known for schemes—some would call them villainous—that frustrate their opponents.

Nick Leddy as Toad: Despite their size, both exhibit surprising strength and extreme quickness when providing crucial assistance to their friends.

Andrew Shaw as Kirby: small in stature, big on power. Whether morphing into a rock or just hitting like he's made of them, a formidable force.

Brandon Saad as Ness (EarthBound): On first glance, just a regular kid, but both are gifted with incredibly powerful abilities and seemingly destined for great things.

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