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How loud is it? Game 2 decibel readings

by Staff Writer / Chicago Blackhawks
How loud is it inside United Center for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final? aims to find out. We have a decibel meter packed alongside all the laptops, notebooks, cameras and pens, so we will provide some level of the noise and excitement inside the building at key parts of Game 2 from the Blackhawks penalty box.

The top reading in Game 1 was 121dB, recorded during the singing of the National Anthem (Game 1 decibel readings).

The decibel meter will be making the trek to Philadelphia for Games 3 and 4 of the Final to see if Flyers fans can raise the roof at Wachovia Center.

Music blaring during warmups
97dB Blender
Hawks in-arena highlight video Pre-game 103dB Motorcycle
Hawks enter ice Pre-game 110dB Power mower
Kopecky announced in lineup
Pre-game 100dB French Horn
National Anthem Pre-game 116-122dB Shot Gun
Kopecky hits Carter, has words with Carcillo Mid-1st period 109dB Power Mower
First penalty on Philly, stoppage of play 14:48 of 1st period
109dB Power Mower
Scooter line "History" spot on video screen
16:55 of 1st period 100dB French Horn
Penalty on Carcillo 17:27 of 1st period 106dB Motorcycle
Niemi huge save on Richards Early 2nd period 101dB French Horn
Seabrook hit on Pronger Mid-2nd period 104dB Motorcycle
Veteran Memorial Day salute
16:40 of 2nd period 100dB French Horn
Hossa scores Hawks' 1st goal 17:09 of 2nd period 113dB Power Mower
Eager strikes a few moments later
17:37 of 2nd period 112dB Dog Kennel
Niemi save during Sharp penalty 4:00 of 3rd period 104dB Motorcycle
Sopel lays hit on Leino
4:14 of 3rd period 105dB Diesel Truck
Fan cam on video screen during break 7:18 of 3rd period 106dB Motorcycle
Sharp hits Laperriere Mid-3rd period 110dB Power Saw
Video screen showing empty net 18:44 of 3rd period 103dB Diesel Truck
Final buzzer sounds
End of game 112dB Dog Kennel
Eager announced as No. 3 star Postgame 106dB Diesel Truck
Hossa announced as No. 2 star
Postgame 110dB Dog Kennel
Niemi announced as No. 1 star Postgame 113dB Power Mower


Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss:      90 - 95dB
Pain begins:     
Loudest recommended exposure WITH hearing protection:      
Loudest sound possible:      

Statistics for the Decibel Comparison Chart were taken from a study by Marshall Chasin , M.Sc., Aud(C), FAAA, Centre for Human Performance & Health, Ontario, Canada.

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