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Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman discusses the acquisition of Frolik, Salak

by Chicago Blackhawks / Chicago Blackhawks
The Blackhawks acquired forward Michael Frolik on Wednesday as part of a five-player deal with Florida.

GM Stan Bowman’s opening statement:

Michael Frolik is a player we’ve been interested in, actually going back to his draft year – the same draft as Jonathan Toews [in 2006]. He was selected just behind [Toews], and we’ve followed him ever since. He’s a young player, but he’s been able to do a lot with his young career already; he has back-to-back 20-goal seasons, and we think he’s going to fit into the future of our franchise. He has offensive ability and versatility. He’s just coming into his own in the NHL. The thing we like about his offensive side is that he’s put up productive numbers already and played a variety of roles, which is tough for a young player to do.

“The goaltender, Alexander Salak, has had an interesting development as well. He’s really come along this season; we’ve been following him closely. He’s just at the age where goaltenders start to show their abilities. We think he has a very bright future. For us to bring some depth into the organization in goal is something that we were looking to do, and this was one way to accomplish it.”

On Frolik’s position:

“That’s actually one of things that intrigues us about him. It’s premature to say where exactly he will play, but having a guy who can play left wing, right wing or in the middle is another tool at Joel [Quenneville’s] disposal. We’re probably going to figure it out over the next couple of weeks, once we get him in and see what kind of chemistry he develops. The good news for us is he can do some different things and he played on all four lines in Florida. He’s a responsible player, and the coaches trusted him at a young age in key situations. That experience is going to help however we decide to use him; the flexibility was one of the big things we were looking for.”

On the timing of the trade:

“As you know, these things don’t happen overnight. We’ve been working on a trade for a long time. It’s takes time, and finally it got to the point where both sides were ready to make it happen. The timing of it is not coinciding with anything other than we feel like we want to improve our team. This certainly does that. We’ve got a player in here who has a pretty good pedigree at a young age and a very mature game, and it’s just his third year in the league; that was the primary factor. We’ve talked over the past few weeks and it finally came to a head today.”

On the approaching trade deadline:

“We’re going to keep an eye on things. We’re certainly out there looking to improve our team, but I think that’s every team. We’re not going to shy away from making another trade if it’s there to be made. There were a few trades today, but up until this point there really have been many. We’re pursuing it daily; we have had a lot of conversations and we’re not going to stop trying to make something happen.”
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