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Getting To Know: Zach Redmond

by Alyssa Romeo / Colorado Avalanche

A native of Traverse City, Mich., Zach Redmond signed with the Colorado Avalanche as a free agent on July 1, 2014. Redmond was previously with the Winnipeg Jets organization, tallying seven points (2g/5a) in 18 NHL games. The 26-year-old defenseman is in his third year in the NHL and is third among Colorado defensemen in scoring with 10 points and is tied for second in goals (4). He recorded his first multi-goal NHL game on Nov. 2 against Carolina, which also included his first career game-winning goal. Between practices and finishing up his favorite TV show, the 6-foot-2, 205-pound blueliner recently sat down with to discuss his first season wearing the burgundy and blue.

How have you liked Denver so far?

“It’s beautiful obviously, looking around, seeing the mountains and the city. There’s so much to do. In my pro career, I haven’t necessarily had an experience like this, so coming to this city was an eye-opener for me. The whole mountain scene is new to me, but it's awesome to wake up to.”

How difficult was it to go to a new team, with new teammates, and a new environment?

“Yeah, I think that was also a first for me. I don’t want to say difficult right away, but there’s so many new things. You never really know what to expect, but I got in early—a little earlier than I needed to—to kind of get comfortable with the area and meet the guys and everything. It didn’t take long before it felt like home, so I’m really enjoying it. Everything is pretty straight forward. With the way phones and cars are made these days I haven’t gotten lost too often, so that parts going alright.”

Do you have any specific pregame routines that you do?

“Probably pretty standard. After morning skate, I usually like to hop in the cold tub. A lot of guys go out to eat; I like to cook my own meal. So I go home, and I usually do chicken, quinoa and broccoli every time. We’ll see, that might get old pretty soon.”

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater?

“I’d like to think so, but I definitely like my ice cream. That’s my downfall.”

What is your earliest hockey memory?

“I remember getting out on the lake in my backyard in Michigan, right behind our house. I have a brother the same age so we used to get out there with my dad and my mom and my sister, even. My dad played growing up. He was a goalie, but he kind of quit when he was around 13 or 14. My family always liked the game so I got out there pretty early with my brother, probably 3 years old, on the lake skating.”

What is your most memorable goal?

“I think it has to be my first NHL goal, just because that’s a huge milestone. There’s been other ones that I would consider big and important, but nothing like that.”

You have faced some adversity in your life. Do you feel those life events have changed you in a positive way?

“I think the injuries and whatever have definitely been pretty weird, and right away both times I’ve kind of been like, ‘Why me? This is just so unfortunate.’ Not knowing what’s going to happen, but you kind of come out of it and it seems like every time it happened for a reason. It kind of put me along a different path that ended up working out. You know I look back and it kind of all led to this: I’m in a cool city now, playing in the NHL. It definitely helps not to take things for granted when, you know, I thought seriously I wasn’t going to play, and it was a scary feeling. I guess when you’re going through tough times or you’re having a bad game, it's good to keep that in mind.”

What do you like to do when you are away from the rink during the season? Do you have any favorite TV shows?

“The season is a pretty good grind. Even when you have an off day, you have something in the morning the next day so it's hard to really plan on something too far out. I usually just settle into a TV show and take advantage of my downtime, which I'm sure sounds really boring. I just finished Sons of Anarchy, which was pretty wild. I don’t know how I feel about the ending. It’s sad, but I won’t give anything away.”

Do you have any favorite movies?

“I do like movies. I’m the least picky with movies; I just kind of enjoy them. I like Adam Sandler movies a lot, the older ones. I like Happy Gilmore a lot, Billy Madison, kind of all his older ones.”

If you weren’t playing hockey, what sport would you want to play professionally?

“Baseball, if I was good enough to play it for a career. I really liked baseball growing up, and I played it until I kind of couldn’t and had to move away because of hockey. It was kind of like one or the other. I loved baseball and I love golf now, but I think I would go with baseball. Golf is too much of a head game, too much pressure on yourself. I wouldn’t call myself good, but I really like it.”

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