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Avs Ice Girls Halloween Performance

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche

“One minute remaining in the first period,” comes from the speakers at Pepsi Center. My heart is pounding, my legs are shaking with excitement and in less than a minute we will be on the ice for our first performance of the 2014-2015 season. The horn sounds and we all skate to our spots for the beginning of the program. The lights in the arena go down, and my heart starts beating faster. Avalanche fans, currently pumped up in their seats from a first period shut out by the Avalanche, are watching from every angle, waiting, contemplating what the Avs Ice Girls are about to do. The first beat hits…here we go! “Thriller,” by Michael Jackson is now playing in Pepsi Center as we begin our Halloween performance.

Throughout the month of October we put in hours of hard work with our amazing choreographer Tiffany Dombeck. We had four practices not only to learn a routine, but to perfect it. By the second practice we had learned the entire program and it was time to clean things up. We put the dance to counts and went through it over and over and over again until everyone was stepping at the same angle, with the same arm positions. We practiced our “dead bug” ending countless times, laying on the ice making sure to lift our leg, then our torso, then finally our whole body… boy did that get cold. Of course, practice was never without laughter, from practicing our zombie hands to trying to do the worm on the ice, we were constantly having a blast.

What makes performing at Pepsi Center so special though, is performing in front of the Avalanche fans. Goodness when you guys are having a great time, it’s known! When the music finishes and Avs fans are hooting and hollering for us, it’s just beyond amazing and without you our performance would not be half as exciting. I cannot wait to show you what else we have in store. Here’s to a successful first Ice Girls performance of the season and to a great Avalanche win over the Islanders!

Your Avs Ice Girl,

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