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Ask A Player - Ken Klee

by Staff Writer / Colorado Avalanche
1. How does it feel to play in Colorado having lived here for so many years? Was it a factor in your decision to sign with the Avalanche?
-Catie, Lakewood, Colo.

Ken: "Yes it was. Since I moved here I have always had a desire to play at home for the Avalanche in front of my family and friends."

2. What is the one piece of advice you would give today's young hockey player who would some day like to be where you are?
-R. Plessinger, Thornton, CO

Ken: "Have fun and work hard."

3. You've played in the Eastern conference since day one of your NHL career. What was it like to switch conferences, and which do you find to be harder?
-Adam, Ottawa

Ken: "It's a nice change for me in the latter stages of my career. It is good to play some different teams and see some new players. For sure the travel in the west is harder, that's the only part."

4. Ken, being a U.S. born player, how do you feel about the U.S. born players coming up in the NHL and the future of U.S. hockey?
-Travis, Colorado Springs

Ken: "The future looks good. Young players like Ryan Miller, Phil Kessel, Erik and Jack Johnson, those guys all have a bright future."

5. Why is your jersey number #2?
-Abby, York, PA

Ken: "I wore #2 in college (at Bowling Green) and wore #2 for 600 games in Washington. It's a good number."

6. Indiana is not considered a "hockey hot bed." How did you get your start in hockey in a state that is primarily known for basketball?
-Megan, Arvada, CO

Ken: "I don't think it matters where you are from, as long as work hard and have fun, you will be successful."

7. What do you believe is the best part about being a defenseman and if you have to play another position, what would it be and why?
-Christa, Slippery Rock

Ken: "I've always enjoyed trying to stop the other team from scoring. I wouldn't want to play any other position."

8. What types of off-ice workouts do you find most effective during the season while you are so busy with games, travel, and practice?
- Aaron, Centennial Junior High, Casper, Wyoming

Ken: "Lot's of core work."

9. Do you have a nickname on the Avalanche? Do nicknames usually travel with a player when they change teams or do you get a new one from your new teammates?
- Will, Rockville, Maryland

Ken: "No, I do not have a nickname with the Avalanche. I've had nicknames with other teams but those have never traveled with me."

10. Since becoming a Colorado Avalanche player, do you still keep in touch with your old teammates on the Washington Capitals or Toronto Maple Leafs?
- Matthew, Cowansville, QC

Ken: "I keep in touch with a couple guys but it's tough with our schedules. But yes, I do keep in touch with a few."

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