Meet Gritty

Gritty is the official mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers. Gritty is best known for his uniquely Philadelphian personality as well as his Flyers fandom.

Standing at seven feet tall, with non-blinking googly eyes, covered head to toe in orange fur and an unkempt beard, Gritty’s appearance is inimitable. Gritty’s edgy personality and temperamental attitude have allowed him to push the envelope of what is possible or acceptable for a team mascot.

An unwavering love for the Philadelphia Flyers is at the foundation of Gritty’s core. Through the ups, downs, and everything in between, Gritty will always bleed orange.

Gritty's Chaos Corner

New this year, Gritty has taken over section 122 as Gritty’s Chaos Corner during all Flyers games this season. Fans sitting in this section will have a front-row seat to Gritty’s infamous skits and silly shenanigans.

Gritty Chaos Corner will serve as Gritty’s main stage as he interacts with fans to enhance the atmosphere of the New Wells Fargo Center and cheer on the Orange and the Black.

Fans in the Gritty Chaos Corner “Splash Zone” should keep their heads on a swivel as Gritty has tricks up his sleeve including silly string attacks, popcorn showers, caking wars and more.

The Gritty Gallery