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ICE School (In Class Education) or as many students have affectionately dubbed it: Incredibly Cool Education, has been an Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) initiative since the 2002-03 school year.

ICE School is one of Edmonton's Inquiring Minds sites allowing teachers to follow curriculum outcomes taught in the classroom and turn those concepts into real world understanding for their students. Students are given the opportunity to move their classroom for an entire week into the world of Rogers Place and Edmonton's Ice District. The classroom is located on the southwest corner of Rogers Place.

The ICE School learning process begins when students receive their journals in September. The students carry this journal to record, reflect and sketch as they move through each day. The journals are an invaluable tool for the students who can use this resource long after their ICE School experience to delve deeper into the topics they explored during their week.

The week-long educational adventure spurs the imagination and captivates the curiosity of every ICE School student. There is total engagement and that's how learning happens! Students will discover the behind- the scenes intricacies involved in hosting games and large events at Rogers Place and discover the history and beauty of our city.

For more information on Inquiring Minds Sites in Edmonton and the ICE School application for 2022-23 please CLICK HERE

During the 2021-22 school year, 580 students participated in a modified version of ICE School.

For the 2022-23 school year, we are pleased to welcome 750 students from the following 25 classes:

School Teacher Grade
Michael Strembitsky Yakemchuk 5
Ecole Muriel Martin Chevalier 5
Sister Alphonse Academy Lobel 5
Monsignor Fee Otterson Dolynchuk 5
Caraway Sutton 7,8,9
Virginia Park Stadlwieser-Smith 4
Londonderry Jamal 7
Meadowlark Samchuk 5/6
Elizabeth Finch Lazarick 6
Joey Moss Boehm 4
Roberta MacAdams Foth 6
Inglewood Wood 4
St. Pius X Passmore 5
St. Thomas Aquinas Fabia 5
St. Alphonsus Crane 6
Thorncliffe Edwards 4
Bisset Moore 3
St. Mary Eistetter 5
Michael Strembitsky Harris 3
Annunciation Howarth 3
St. Clement Lees 3
St. Mary Hiff 2
Michael A. Kostek Lawrence 2
Mary Hanley Ledesma 2
John A. McDougall Dunn 2
ICE School Teachers