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"I want to thank the LA Kings, their staff and the entire Little Kings Organization for fulfilling my son's dream. When he was 3 years old, he saw a Little Kings advertisement on the game scoreboard. From that moment, it was his mission to be a Little King. He wanted to wear 27, just like Alec Martinez. As soon as he turned five years old, we signed him up and started his hockey career. This past year Little Kings called us back and we completed the program. The Little Kings program has helped him launch a successful hockey career. He is forever indebted to the LA Kings and the Little Kings Organization for their hockey encouragement." - Alex Jeter Martinez

"I was glad that it's the LA Kings I chose to fall in love with and knew I had to introduce this great game to my child. Coming from a Hispanic background, hockey is not our typical sport and it was expected of me to put my child in soccer but I decided not to follow that and put him in hockey instead. When I found out the Kings had a Little Kings program that was low cost and taught kids how to play and to enjoy the game, I jumped at the opportunity…Turns out hockey is his life now." - Delia Aguilar Rivera 

"Lila was completely new to hockey when she started the Little Kings program last year. The program made it easy to get started and helped us connect with her local arena so that we knew what to do next once she had decided that this was the sport for her. After the little Little Kings programs finished up she joined her in-house mites league and had a lot of fun with her new hockey teammates. She has just re-enrolled for the Spring and is hoping to be a Squirt in the Fall." - Barry Dwyer 

"Thanks to the great coaching staff at the Iceoplex in Simi Valley and the Little Kings program my son has found a passion for the sport. He has become a strong skater and as he continues to play his skills as a hockey player will grow. He has also made some good friends who have gone through the program with him." - Michael Kubanet 

"This was an amazing experience for my son. He went from barely able to stand on ice skates to wanting to be on the ice every moment of every day. He has become more confident and coach able. Some of his highlights would be skating with Derek Armstrong, seeing both Bailey and Kingston, skating at both the Toyota Arena and Staples center between periods, and making a travel hockey team. I was nervous as a parent to invest in all the gear and coaching in the event that perhaps my child wasn't meant to be a hockey player. Little Kings allowed me to test the waters and find that he is truly passionate about ice hockey. I'm proud to say that he now is a successful B level squirt on a team which has made the playoffs in his division. Hockey has given him so much joy, challenge and I can't wait for next season!" - Kelly Hartling