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The Flyers Pass Membership is your ticket to three Flyers home games during each month of the season with access to the Assembly Room in the New City Terrace.

Enjoy a standing room entertainment experience in a one-of-a-kind environment, including fireplaces, mixologists, lounges and more for an all-around great Flyers game experience.

Flyers Pass is $59 per month and games are designated ahead of each month.

Flyers Pass spots are filled for October. Join the Flyers Pass waitlist for first access to the selection of November games.



I purchased my Flyers Pass. How do I obtain my tickets?

There are no printed tickets. After your initial purchase, your mobile tickets will be available the next business day. Subsequent months will be available by the first of each month. 

To download your tickets:

  • First, visit the Apple App or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search Wells Fargo Center to download the Wells Fargo Center app. 
  • Open the app, and select Join to create your app profile. 
  • Fill in all of the information including your first and last name, email address, and create a password. 
  • If you already have the app, be sure to download the latest version and keep updating throughout the season. Click to download on Google Play or iTunes
  • Once your app profile has been created, select 'My Tickets' to connect and access your Flyers Pass tickets. 
  • Using the email address and password associated with your account, fill out your information and click 'Sign In.'

Once you are signed into the app and have your Flyers Pass tickets connected, anytime you open the Wells Fargo Center app and select 'My Tickets' you should be able to view all of your available Flyers Pass tickets.


Where can I go in the Wells Fargo Center with my Flyers Pass?

With your Flyers pass ticket, you will receive entry into the Wells Fargo Center and specifically a standing room ticket in the Assembly Room located on the New City Terrace level. In the Assembly Room, you'll have access to one-of-a-kind food and beverage options, and the all new Sports Lounge.  


Is the Flyer Pass refundable?

All Flyers Pass purchases are non-refundable.


What if I would like to purchase a reserved seat?

Flyers Pass purchasers can upgrade their standing room tickets to the Assembly Room for each designated game. Upgrades can only be made for a designated game after arrival at the Wells Fargo Center for such game and only by logging into the Wells Fargo Center app. Seat upgrades are based on availability and may not be available for all games. 


What if I purchase my Flyers Pass in the middle the month?

Your first month's payment will be pro-rated based on the number of designated games remaining in the month. If none of the designated games have been played, the amount will not be pro-rated even if your purchase is in the middle of the month. 


How do I renew my Flyers Pass?

Once you purchase your Flyers Pass, the Flyers Pass will be automatically renewed each month. You will be charged upon your initial purchase , then receive a recurring charges of $59.00 per month for each month remaining in the Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20 season (excluding April). Your credit card will be processed between the 21st day and the 31st day of each calendar month for the following month's Flyers Pass.


How do I opt out of renewing my Flyers Pass?

To cancel your Flyers Pass, simply click here to complete the cancellation form and select "Cancel Flyers Pass" from the drop-down menu. You will be required to include your name, Flyers Pass account number and email address.


What is the timeline for opting out of my Flyers Pass?

The Philadelphia Flyers must be in receipt of your cancelation form by the 20th day of the calendar month in order to cancel your Flyers Pass effective as of the last day of the same calendar month.   If the Philadelphia Flyers receive your cancelation form after the 20th days of the calendar month, the cancellation will be effective as of the last day of the following calendar month.


Additional Terms: 

The Philadelphia Flyers reserve the right, in their sole discretion, to cease sales of the Flyers Pass Program at any time. In the event the Philadelphia Flyers cease sales of the Flyers Pass Program, the Philadelphia Flyers will honor any Flyers Pass purchased prior to the date on which the Philadelphia Flyers cease sales.

Ticket brokers are not eligible for this offer. Tickets purchased via this offer shall not be re-sold