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Street Devils provides children between the ages of 6-16 with an athletic and educational program free of charge, through local community centers, schools, summer camps and hockey rinks. The New Jersey Devils provide all Street Devils partners free street hockey equipment, coaching education and special appearances throughout the season to support their program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Street Devils is a street hockey program. Street hockey is a dry land variation of ice hockey that can be played outdoors on a blacktop surface, net-less tennis courts, basketball courts or indoors on a gymnasium floor.

The purpose of Street Devils is to provide children with an athletic and educational program free of charge, through local community centers, hockey rinks, and schools. This program introduces thousands of kids to hockey, a team sport that combines speed, athletic ability and sportsmanship. Street Devils enables schools, community, centers, and hockey rinks to expand their recreational programs and provide kids with an opportunity to learn and participate in a new sports activity.

Street Devils is targeted for boys and girls, ages 6-16, who live in the state of New Jersey.

All that you need to play is a pair of sneakers. The New Jersey Devils and the NHL will loan street hockey equipment (sticks, rubber pucks and balls, nets and protective goalie gear) to your community center.

The rules of Street Devils are similar to those of ice hockey with a few unique changes. The New Jersey Devils will provide a start-up street hockey clinic for coaches and administrators. Training and informational manuals will be given to coaches, while all Street Devils participants will receive individual playbooks.

Several participating centers take Street Devils to a new level by incorporating playoffs, super-skills contest, end of season award ceremonies/pizza parties and Street Devils t-shirts.

Program Center Application

The New Jersey Devils and the National Hockey League would like to invite your local community center or school to participate in the Street Devils Program. If you are interested in becoming an Official Program Center, complete the online application or contact Kevin Fox at

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