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Variable Pricing FAQ

We are pleased to once again to offer you the opportunity to 'trade' a few games that you are unable to use throughout the 2018-19 season and variable pricing will affect the ticket trade program. As was the case last season, trades can be made within a similar or lower game tier. For more information on the 2018-19 STM Ticket Trade program, please click here.

As a Tampa Bay Lightning Season Ticket Member you always pay the lowest average ticket price. Variably priced season tickets allow us to continue to offer a superior value to Season Ticket Members. In fact, this year you will save an average of 25% compared to the gate price for your tickets.

Your ticket price will reflect a lower value for preseason than most of our regular season games, which means you are getting more value for the games that count most. We want to make sure that you are getting the most value for your investment in the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Yes, you can still sell your tickets on Ticket Exchange and variable pricing should better reflect the market for each game. With ticket prices that better match the "going rate" for Lightning home games, you will ensure that your tickets can be resold for their true market value.

No, variable pricing will not impact your cost, in fact it will give a true value to each of the games in your package rather than a standard average price. We hope that you will find this change to be a tremendous benefit to you as a Season Ticket Member.

Variable Pricing adjusts game prices to achieve a true value for each game and it allows you to get the most value for your investment as well. Variable pricing is different from fixed pricing in that not all games have the same ticket prices. With fixed pricing, the Lightning evaluated all relevant factors affecting ticket demand (opponent, game date, etc.) , determined an overall value for the entire season, and spread that value equally across all games.

In contrast, with variable pricing the Lightning evaluates all relevant factors affecting ticket demand for each game individually, determines the demand for each game, and segments games into groups with similar demand. A ticket value is then determined for each group based on ticket demand.

Put simply, variable pricing is an approach that accounts for the fact that some games are in higher demand than others. If you were to print and/or forward your tickets this season you would notice that some game tickets have different prices than others. Some games are priced higher than your average season ticket member price and some are lower.

With fixed pricing, the same average season ticket member price would be printed on each of your tickets, regardless of opponent or day of the week. With Variable Pricing, each game's price will better reflect the actual demand for that game.