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Mark Lambert - Strength & Conditioning Coach

MARK LAMBERT enters his sixth season with the Lightning as strength and conditioning coach. An industry veteran of 19 years, Lambert worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from amateur ranks to the professional tiers as well. With the Lightning, Lambert is responsible for overseeing all planning for in- and off-season player workout regiments to optimize performance and increase player physicality.

Prior to joining Tampa Bay, Lambert served as the head strength coach at Axxeleration Inc., an organization that specializes in enhancing the performance level of both collegiate and professional athletes while simultaneously minimizing the risk of injury through testing muscular power, strength, strength ratios, body composition and muscle fiber dominance. No stranger to the game of hockey, Lambert previously worked at various levels ranging from the CHL, college and midget hockey.

A frequent author of numerous fitness-related news articles, Lambert also delivers numerous lectures on nutrition and topics regarding personal health.

He is married with a son and currently resides in Tampa.