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Bring the thunder to their first Lightning game


Do you know someone who isn't a Lightning fan or has never been to a game? Help us create a new fan by getting them to their first Tampa Bay Lightning game. Nominate someone you know for a chance to receive two (2) free tickets, $25 in Bolts Bucks and a VIP experience for a home game this season. Help us bring the Thunder.

Testimonials from Bring the Thunder winners

The Lightning are an amazing organization. Their support for benefit programs and the local community are a tribute to your organization's mission. We were excited to be at the game and love supporting a winning organization both on the ice and off.  --Michael T.

I was told they were good seats, but it blew my mind when I actually sat down in them. My friend I took has been to a couple Lightning games in the past, much higher up, and he couldn't believe the difference in the experience down by the glass and practically sitting with the players themselves. I'd never been to a hockey game before, but all the people I know who have, told me it was the best sport to watch in person. Now I understand what they were talking about, especially being so close to the action! It was something I don't expect to forget. --Elliot A. 

I can tell you Jake won't forget his first experience at a Lightning game. He high fived the players as they came out of the tunnel and even got a puck thrown to him from a Lightning player. The shirts and award with thunder bug was very fun for him. He will definitely be coming back to see them again. --Jake A.