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Bring the thunder to their first Lightning game


Do you know someone who isn't a Lightning fan or has never been to a game? Help us create a new fan by getting them to their first Tampa Bay Lightning game. Nominate someone you know for a chance to receive two (2) free tickets, $25 in Bolts Bucks and a VIP experience for a home game this season. Help us bring the Thunder.

Testimonials from Bring the Thunder winners

"Thank you for the experience! I was blown away by the team, the fans, the accommodations, and especially the experience! You are absolutely right, it was a great game! I must say, the family friendly atmosphere was a surprise and a big plus as I have an almost 3 year old and I am sure he will enjoy future games! My wife and I made the decision we want to buy season tickets for next year; we enjoyed the experience that much!" -- Kevin B.

We had a fantastic time!! Gage was so excited with all the lights and loud music! He really liked the lightning bolts that came out of the ceiling. After the game was over he asked me, "Mommy, can I be a hockey player when I'm bigger?" He hasn't stopped talking about the game for days! Thank you again, it was so awesome for me to make those memories with him!

I had a wonderful experience at the Lightning game!! It was amazing to be in seats so close to the team and ice. Thank you very much for the swag bag with the shirts and gift card. I used it in the pro shop to purchase clothing to have as a memory of my experience.

Thank you to you and your staff for providing me with such a rewarding time. -- Pat B. 

"The game was amazing. We had a blast and the Lightning won on top of it! I can tell you from someone who has been to a few Minnesota Wild games, that the experience at Amalie Arena is head and shoulders above anything I've experienced there. The fans around me were nice, food was great (we ate at Holy Hog BBQ), and the shirt that was provided is now one of my favorites! I will definitely be back in the near future with my family. I have absolutely zero complaints about the entire night. Thanks again for everything you do." -- Andres G.

"Yes! Oh my, I don't even know where to begin!! It was single handedly the best experience of my life! Thank you so much for the opportunity and the incredible seats, I was so close! I really hope that I get the opportunity to come back, if if was up to me I'd be at every game! I almost got a puck to bring home with me 2 different times! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience! I loved it!" -- Stephanie R. 

"Thank you for reaching out. We had an amazing time!!! I was so thankful to share the experience with my dear friend who had never been to a game. She was treated like royalty! What a first class opportunity, speaks volumes to what a great organization the Lightning is. Thank you for selecting us and allowing Stacy to feel the THUNDER!!!!" -- Lisa D.

"We had a fantastic time! I, myself, have been to plenty of Lightning games, but my mother's last hockey game was when she lived in New York and was an Islanders fan. She was pretty amazed, not only with the great seats, but the incredible fan experience. I don't think she's ever seen a Tesla doil and thought it was so cool to see it used at a Lightning game! The Arena staff were very nice and super helpful. The game was a great experience and we couldn't thank you enough for the seats! Also, a bit off topic, but we had a few Buffalo fans behind us and they were also pretty amazed by the Tesla coils, the organ, and pretty much all the other facilites that are unique to Amalie Arena to the point where they questioned why they weren't Bolts fans! Thank you again for this experience, and as for my mom, I think this will be the first of many Lightning games to come!" -- Zach R.

I had an amazing experience for my first game. The seats and staff were great. Being able to see the players up close and meeting Thunderbug was the best. No big win but still an awesome game. The opportunity you guys gave me was a chance to just relax and not worry about other things going on, so for that I appreciate it all! -- Janell S.

I had such a great experience! It was so much fun getting there early and walking around Thunder Alley, watching the warm ups, and hanging out at the party deck after the game. Y'all create such a great atmosphere for your fans. It was definitely worth the seven-hour drive! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come see a game! -- Samantha S.

As someone who had never been to a hockey game in my life, I can't imagine a better first experience. The seats right behind the Lightning were great, because they helped me see the speed of the game and feel connected to the players and coaches. I will definitely come back. In fact, I'm far more likely to attend a Lightning game than a Rays game, because the experience of getting into and out of the arena and on the road is so much easier than at the Trop. 

Some friends watching the game on TV captured a picture of me right behind Coach Cooper, and this is what I said when I posted it on Facebook for my friends who knew it was my first hockey game: "I was the 'secret sauce' in the Lightning's 4-1 victory last night. Here the cameras caught me seconds after I had just given the best advice possible to Coach Jon Cooper about a crucial penalty kick." -- Jamie W.