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Sled hockey (or also known as sledge hockey in Canada and Europe) is an adapted version of ice hockey for athletes whose disability inhibits them from playing stand-up hockey. Players will sit in a bucket that is secured on two skate blades with their legs secured to the sled and a strap around their waist to fasten them to the bucket. There is a Skag at the front of the sled that glides along the ice helping the skater to maintain their balance underneath a foot guard for the players to support their feet.

The players use two shortened sticks to move around the ice or they may be pushed by a coach. The skate blades may change in width depending on the skill level of the player. There are two skate blades under the sled to allow the athlete to skate and they have a shortened stick in each hand with metal picks at the knob end of the stick that help them to motor around the ice. The sticks are about 1 00 cm long with a 32cm long blade. Goalies have one stick with picks at the heel of the blade and a glove that also has picks at the base to help them move from post to post.

For more information about sled hockey or to try sled hockey, please contact Kristen Bowness at 813.301.6578 or email her at

Sled Hockey Schedule

Thunderkid: Kasey Yates

Kasey Yates of the Lightning Sled Hockey Team led the Thunderstruck pregame routine prior to Saturday's game versus Montreal

  • • 01:04