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Our Mission Statement

Harnessing the power of our organization and community to advance environmental stewardship.

    Our Values

    • Mindful
    • Educators
    • Progressive
    • Authentic
    • Resourceful
    • Fiscally Responsible


    Waterless Urinals

    Have saved 15,000,000 gallons of water since installation in 2003.

    Flow Restrictors

    All of our washroom faucets and toilets are fitted with flow restrictors and set for the most minimal amount of water use possible.



    Furniture and Fixtures Donation

    We find a home for all our unwanted furniture and fixtures that are outdated or removed due to renovation.

    Packaging Reuse

    Bubble wrap has not been purchased in retail for over a year through reusing wrap from incoming shipments.



    On average we divert 30 percent of waste from landfill.


    We partnered with Bay Mulch to recycle our pre-consumer food scraps. To date we have recycled over 20 tons of organic material.

    Cans and Bottle Recycling

    Event can and bottle capture rate is close to 90 percent.

    We also Recycle

    Paper, Glass, Cardboard, Cooking Grease, Batteries, Pallets, Electronics and Metals.

    Hydroponic Farm

    • Produce output equals one acre
    • Deck size is .026 acres(1,120 ft2)
    • 125 towers (94 towers stacked 7 high and 31 stacked 3 high)
    • 4 growing spaces in each pot, each growing space equals one square foot of land
    • Total of 3,004 growing spaces
    • Closed system captures unused nutrient water to be pumped back through system