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Islanders Floorball Winter 1 Session Update

Wednesday, January 17 2018 - Center Moriches Middle School, Center Moriches

Sixth grade students at Center Moriches Middle School showcased their floorball skills today as they continued with their Islanders floorball unit. Students started the class today by jogging laps to get warmed-up. Warm-ups were followed by passing with a partner drills. Physical education teacher Mr. Slifstein reviewed safety tips and rules of the game before the teams began a competitive round-robin mini tournament. Each team was appointed a captain with the responsibility of making sure their teammates were ready to play and abided by safety rules.

Game play was modified by increasing the goalie crease making it more challenging for players to score from further away. "We're really impressed with how to kids are developing," said physical education teacher Mrs. Plush. "We love the equipment too! It is sturdy and durable while being light and easy to use." Center Moriches Middle School also plans to extend the Islanders Floorball Unit to their special abilities students in the weeks to come.

Islanders Floorball Winter 1 Session Update

Friday, January 12 2018 - Santapogue Elementary, West Babylon

Students at Santapogue Elementary begin their installment of the Islanders Floorball Program this week. Their first week was capped off with an energetic class filled with game music and the Islanders goal song. Students were broken into two stations; skills and game play. The skills portion consisted of a ball handling drill, were emphasis was put on ball control and being aware of players surroundings as team lines intersected while moving back and forth cross-ice.

Game play consisted of a scrimmage with line changes, each time students having different linemates helping to teach the rapid pace of the game and to teach players to identify their teammates quickly. Some game play consisted of utilizing multiple floorballs in order to sharpen players' attention. "We are developing skills taught now in order to gear up for our Winter Olympics tournament play towards the end of the unit," said one gym teacher, "Both the students and teachers are really looking forward to it."

Islanders Floorball Program - Winter 1 Session Begins

Monday, January 8th 2018

Select schools across Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island began their Islanders Floorball Program today.

We would like to thank the following schools for participating in the Islanders Floorball Program Winter 1 session:

  • PS 18, Queens Village
  • PS 127 Aerospace and Science Academy, East Elmhurst
  • Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School, Brooklyn
  • PS 163, Brooklyn
  • PS 119, Brooklyn
  • PS 222, Brooklyn
  • PS 721 Brooklyn Occupational Training Center, Brooklyn
  • PS 47, Broad Channel
  • PS 195 Magnet, Rosedale
  • Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove
  • St. Edward the Confessor School, Syosset
  • Pasadena Elementary School, Plainview
  • Merrimac Elementary, Holbrook
  • Center Moriches Middle School, Center Moriches
  • Santapogue Elementary, West Babylon
  • John Street Elementary School, Franklin Square
  • Stewart School, Garden City
  • Eastplain School, North Massapequa
  • Roosevelt Middle School, Roosevelt

For more information about how to book your school for future sessions, including special school features on our website, call 516-667-2120.

Islanders Street Hockey Update

Wednesday, December 20th 2017 - Plainview PAL

Hockey players from the Plainview PAL hockey unit welcomed a new team member last night as part of their involvement with the Islanders Street Hockey Program. Sparky intermingled with players aged 5-11 years old as they advanced their hockey knowledge. The hockey class began with a warm-up of one-on-one, shooting, and goalie stations. Next, older players practiced their one-timers receiving a pass in motion from their coach, focusing on having one continuous movement.

"Focus on putting the puck on the net rapidly without stopping," preached one coach. Younger players broke out into a one-on-one-on-one version of "Steal the Bacon" with emphasis on collecting turnovers from both opponents and quickly converting from where they were on the rink. The class wrapped with spirited scrimmage play. Plainview PAL breaks for the holidays but continues their hockey unit in the New Year with tournament play.

Islanders Street Hockey Update

Friday, December 15th 2017 - Huntington YMCA

Students at Huntington YMCA were treated to a visit from New York Islanders mascot Sparky this past Friday in conjunction with the Islanders Street Program. Students were excited to display the skills they learned during the unit. The class began with coach and player passing drills where players practiced their ability to receive the ball softly on their blade, maintain control, and pass back. Players then worked on their one-on-one offensive moves to the goal.

With coaches acting as defenseman, players learned to anticipate how their opponent will defend them and from which wing would be best to attack from. To wrap the class, students teamed up for relay races and a class favorite, "Steal the Bacon" putting those one-on-one moves to the test against Sparky. Huntington YMCA's Islanders Street Hockey unit continues into the New Year.

Islanders Floorball Fall 2 Session Update

Friday, December 8th 2017 - WA Cunningham IS 234, Brooklyn

Seventh grade students at IS 234 displayed their floorball talents in their last class with the Islanders Floorball equipment today. Students participated in round robin games that were led by physical education teacher, Mr. Anderson. Students vibrantly cheered on their classmates as they awaited their team's turn. "I love this sport because the girls are more competitive than the boys!" exclaimed a female student. "Everyone really enjoyed participating in the Islanders program as none of our kids are fortunate to play the sport of hockey outside of school," said one administrator. IS 234 wraps up the Fall 2 session of the Islanders Floorball Program today. Stay tuned for the program's Winter 1 session coming in the New Year.

Islanders Floorball Fall 2 Session Update

Thursday, December 7th 2017 - Francis J. O'Neill Elementary, Central Islip

Fourth graders at Francis J. O'Neill Elementary wrapped up their last week of the Islanders Floorball Program today with a variety of curriculum games. Students began the class with a review of the fundamental floorball skills by stick handling around the gym avoiding their peers while keeping control of their ball. Next, students moved on to a class favorite "First to 8 Relay Race" utilizing hula hoops and offensive strategies to be the first to collect eight balls in their team's hula hoop. Students then participated in a "Give-and-Go" passing drill which involved Player A and Player B exchanging passes with Player A crashing the net after their pass was sent. Combining all of these skills together, the students completed their gym class with a 3-on-3 rapid substitute game.

Islanders Floorball Fall 2 Session Update

Thursday, November 30th 2017 - Holy Angels Regional School, Patchogue

First grade students at the Holy Angels Regional School showcased their floorball skills today in a set of quick-moving games. Physical education teacher Rebecca Messina emphasized the importance of keeping the floorball stick low. "Not every shot has to be a slapshot," encouraged Ms. Messina. Students possessed a high level of hockey skills including moving without the ball and making both short and long passes to their teammates. Although this is the last week of the Islanders Floorball Program at Holy Angels, the first graders are excited to play again as they graduate to tournament play against their older peers.

Islanders Street Hockey Fall Update

Tuesday, November 21 2017 - Plaza Elementary, Baldwin

More than sixty-five students at the Friedberg JCC's afterschool program at Plaza Elementary experienced the Islanders Street Hockey Program and hockey for the very first time last night. Students were given a walk-through of how all of the street hockey equipment is worn and why it is important to their safety. Sports specialist, Aleyshia used other sports the students play in order to help them comprehend concepts, "Just like in soccer, hockey has a goal and just like in football, hockey players wear helmets." With Sparky's help, students learned some of the basics of hockey including puck handling, stick safety, and shooting techniques. The Plaza Elementary after-school program looks forward to building student's hockey skills and knowledge throughout the school year.

Islanders Floorball Fall 2 Session Update

Friday, November 17, 2017 - St. Patrick School, Smithtown

Fourth grade students at the St. Patrick School completed their second week of their Islanders Floorball unit today. Physical education teacher Colleen Bellois focused on the "First to Eight Relay Race" found in the Islanders Floorball Curriculum during this class period. Small teams were tasked with collecting floorball balls from the main base (hula hoop) and handling them to their own base (hula hoop) with the winner having eight balls in their base. Teams were able to steal the ball from other bases when the main base was depleted.

"I like this game because it focuses on teamwork and it gets everyone involved," said one student. With this game, students also work on their ability to control the ball, develop strategy tactics, and improve their offensive and defensive skills. "Learn how to protect the ball and take the ball while keeping in mind that you don't need to slash other's sticks or bump them with your body," coached Ms. Bellois. The students and faculty of St. Patrick are excited to explore the rest of their curriculum in the coming weeks.

Islanders Street Hockey Fall Update

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - Plainview PAL

Participants of the Plainview PAL unit received their brand new Islanders Street Hockey equipment tonight! Over 30 participants grades K-3 were on hand to try out the new gear along with volunteer coaches. Students practiced their stick handling and shooting skills in advanced drills.

The unit's favorite Street Hockey game is "Steal the Bacon." Split into two large teams, each player was given a number 1-12. Players waited anxiously on the blue line for their number to be called. In the one-on-one battles players focused on offensive attacks to the net and speed with control.

When multiple numbers were called for a 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 players focused more on moving without the ball, collecting rebounds, and most importantly paying attention to their number being called. "We're extremely fortunate to have the Islanders give back like this to grow the interest of hockey," said one spectator parent.

With full involvement from kids, coaches, and parents, the Plainview PAL are looking forward to the rest of their Islanders Street Hockey unit.

Islanders Street Hockey Fall Session Update

Friday, November 10, 2017 - Massapequa PAL

Participants of the Islanders Street Hockey Fall Session at Massapequa PAL were treated with a visit from Sparky this past Friday. The participants, ages 6-9 years old, possessed a high level of hockey knowledge which was taught by their volunteer coaches.

The volunteer coaches were happy to spread their love of the game with all the children participating.

During the clinic participants ran through shooting and accuracy drills as well as 3 on 3 play, focusing on wing spacing. "It's great to be able to teach the kids what they see their favorite players do on television with the help of this Islanders program," says one coach.

Massapequa PAL wraps up their outdoor, under-the-lights unit next week before the winter weather arrives for good.

Islanders Floorball Fall Session #2 Completes Week #1

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - IS/MS 136 Charles O. Dewey School - Brooklyn, NY

The 6th grade students at IS/MS 136 helped to wrap-up the first week in Fall Session #2 of the New York Islanders Floorball Program. The fierce competition had students subbing out every few minutes with all participants cheering loudly for their team.

The Physical Education teachers at the school have kept the students to a high standard making sure to follow all the traditional hockey rules including the implementation of penalties.

Physical Education teacher, Gisel Rodriguez expressed how their school used the Islanders Floorball Program as a stepping stone to another floorball program they run for students in higher grades.

"Unfortunately these students do not have the option of playing ice hockey outside of school," said Ms. Rodriquez, "Instead, IS/MS 136 offers an afterschool floorball program in which the Islanders Floorball Program also prepares the kids nicely for."

Islanders Floorball Program - Fall 2 Session Begins

Thursday, November 2, 2017 - Huntington YMCA

Select schools across Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island received their Islanders Floorball equipment today in preparation for the Fall 2 session beginning next Monday, November 6th.

We would like to thank the following schools for participating in the Islanders Floorball Program Fall 2 session:

  • Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, Brooklyn
  • Crown Heights PS 770, Brooklyn
  • PS 243 The Weeksville School, Brooklyn
  • MS 136 Charles O Dewey School, Brooklyn
  • Fort Greene Prep Academy, Brooklyn
  • IS 234 W.A. Cunningham , Brooklyn
  • Great Neck South Middle School, Great Neck
  • PS 201 The Discovery School for Inquiry & Research, Flushing
  • PS 14 Kindergarten Annex, Elmhurst
  • PS 162 The Willoughby School, Brooklyn
  • PS 251 Paerdegat, Brooklyn
  • St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, Rockaway Beach
  • Holy Angels Regional School, Patchogue
  • St. Joseph's School, Lake Ronkonkama
  • St. Patrick School, Smithtown
  • Francis J O'neill Elementary School, Central Islip

For more information about how to book your school for future sessions, including special school features on our website, call 516-667-2120.

Islanders Street Hockey Fall 2017 Update

Friday, October 27, 2017 - Huntington YMCA

After-school students of the Huntington YMCA Islanders Street Hockey program are halfway through their fall unit and have seen great improvement in their hockey skills. Instructor Meghan Powers challenges the kids with an array of drills and skill tests including a class favorite, Around the World.

Classmates competed to score from a number of different spots surrounding their mini nets until the winner scored from each position. "It's all about angles!" exclaimed Meghan as students tried shots from the corner and then far back from the blue line. Huntington YMCA students continue to enhance their accuracy and control skills and are looking forward to the second half of their classes.

Floorball Fall 1 Session Concludes

Thursday, October 26, 2017 - PS 204 Oliver W. Holmes

The Fall 1 session of the Islanders Floorball Program concludes this week. Students at PS 204 Oliver W. Holmes in Queens helped to wrap the program's first session of the 2017-2018 school year with a competitive game. "Students at PS 204 have never held a hockey stick before so everyone was excited to get moving into a new sport," said physical education instructor Mr. Diannis.

There was a great learning curve throughout the unit. "In the beginning students were holding the hockey stick like it was a broom." says Mr. Diannis. As the class progressed through drills such as traveling with the ball, ball control and shooting, the students got a better understanding of the sport itself. Fall 2 session begins next week for a new round of schools in the Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island area.

Floorball Fall 1 Session Update

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 - PS 255 The Barbara Reing School

Fifth grade students at PS 255, The Barbara Reing School, in Brooklyn are in their third week of the Islanders floorball program. Physical education teacher, Melissa Composto leads the class and is currently teaching stick handling skills and is making sure that her students are aware of their surroundings. The students practice these skills while completing a warm-up of continuous laps around the gym. Next, the class moves on to shooting techniques by using a larger ball.

Students try to knock over their cone within the goal. For a challenge, students can move the cone up, down or side-to-side. Mrs. Composto uses soccer analogies to help students make the connection between the sport of hockey and what they already know. Sports like soccer and ice skating are popular at PS 255 and the school is excited to be able to bring the sport of hockey into this mix.

Floorball Fall 1 Session Update

Monday, October 16, 2017 - PS 198 Brooklyn

Students at PS 198 Brooklyn practiced their floorball skills during their gym period today. Physical education teacher Kevin Rice led the students in stretching drills and hockey questions before the class began. Students participated in a series of dribbling drills, obstacle courses, and an exercise where students had to lift the floorball ball into a hula hoop. "Under control!" emphasized Mr. Rice. Each class wraps up with a review of the day.

"What is one thing you did well today and one thing you need to work on?" asked Mr. Rice. "Sportsmanship and cooperation was good," said one student, "but we need to work on our speed and better lifting the ball into the hoop." Students have said that they like to watch the New York Islanders on TV and hope to see them play at the Barclays Center in the near future.

Floorball Fall 1 Session Update

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - PS 249 The Caton

Students at PS 249 The Caton in Brooklyn had their first go at the Islanders Floorball Program today. Physical education teacher James Horan taught the basics from holding the stick to controlling the ball to passing. "It's all about control," preached Mr. Horan. "Take your time and treat the ball like an egg, be gentle!" For most students in this class it was their first experience with floorball and the sport of hockey. "I think it will be great!" said one student, "Just a lot of practice."

Floorball Fall 1 Session Update

Friday, October 6, 2017 - PS 23 Carter G Woodson

Fourth grade students at PS 23 Carter G Woodson showcased their floorball skills today in Brooklyn, NY. Physical education teacher Michael Ross emphasized holding the stick correctly as well as keeping sticks low during the class's scrimmage which exhibited great passing, communication with teammates, and even better goal celebrations! The white team won an exciting 3-1 game. "Win or lose we show good sportsmanship," says Mr. Ross. Each class the teams line up for an end of game handshake just like the New York Islanders.

Huntington YMCA Fall Street Hockey Unit

Friday, September 29, 2017

Students participating in Huntington's YMCA afterschool street hockey program showed off their skills today during their third week of the 10-week fall unit. "It's amazing to see how far they have come these past couple weeks," said class instructor Megan, "The kids look like they can play in an organized team."

The Huntington YMCA offers three separate classes which focus on children in grades Pre-K, K-2, and 3-6 respectively. "It's a great fall offering and my son has a greater interest in hockey, he watches all the games on TV now," said one parent. Huntington YMCA's street hockey unit runs through November 17th.

2017-2018 Floorball Kickoff! - Fall 1 Session

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The New York Islanders Floorball Program kicks off its 2017-2018 school year with the Fall 1 session equipment drop-off today. Elementary and middle schools in the Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk county area are once again invited to participate in the 4-week rotating physical education unit. New for this school year are extended periods of time with the Islanders gear as well as added sessions to allow us to visit more than 120 schools!

We would like to thank the following schools for participating in the Islanders Floorball Program Fall 1 session:

  • Francis F Wilson Elementary School, Rockville Centre
  • PS 100 Glen Morris, Queens
  • PS 23K, Brooklyn
  • PS 198K, Brooklyn
  • PS 249 The Caton, Brooklyn
  • PS 255 The Barbara Reing School, Brooklyn
  • PS 121Q, South Richmond Hill
  • Is 204 Oliver W. Holmes, Queens

For more information about future sessions, including special school features on our media platforms, email

Nassau PAL Coaching Clinic

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Coaches and volunteers for the Nassau PAL participated in a coaching clinic today in preparation for the start of their respective street hockey programs. Islanders and USA Hockey representatives were on hand to ensure each coach felt confident and comfortable in teaching the sport of hockey the correct way to their students.

"Beginning with the fundamentals is important for not only creating great hockey players, but great athletes as well," preached USA Hockey rep Joe T. Today's coaching clinic is a perfect example of the type of support the New York Islanders offer for the street hockey program. "We're excited to get the program started and implement all of the learned material," said one officer.

NHL Centennial Tour Fan Arena Street Hockey Pop-Up

September 16 & 17, 2017

Members of the Long Island YMCA Division and the Hicksville Boys & Girls Club had the exclusive opportunity to participate in the NHL Centennial Tour Fan Arena's Street Hockey pop-up rink. The kids showed off their skills in front of a packed crowd on Saturday at Northwell Health Ice Center's outdoor rink. "It's a great reward for the kids to be featured and to be a part of a special occasion like the celebration of the NHL's 100 years." said one Street Hockey Program counselor. The PAL Jr. Islanders were also among the groups featured on Saturday along with Sunday's tour stop at the NYCB Live: Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Paired with other interactive elements throughout the weekend, the street hockey rink was a hot spot for fans of all ages to have their go at the sport with timeslots opening to the public as well.

Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay-East Norwich

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Campers at the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Boys & Girls Club topped off their summer with some Islanders street hockey. The class of 18 kids aged 8-14 have built up quite a competition between players over the summer letting it all come down to the final game of camp.

Sparky even made an appearance! Campers say Sparky is welcome to come back every day they play. "It's exciting to see the kids not only enjoy the game, but teach each other as well" remarked one counselor.

The club is thrilled to resume street hockey in the fall for their after-school program where even more students are already signed up. "Hockey is a great fall sport so we can't wait to play!" said Director Lorraine Rubin.

Junior Division at Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, Wheatley Heights

Monday, August 14, 2017

The Junior Division of the Friedberg JCC completed their last class of camp today at Henry Kaufmann Campground in Wheatley Heights. Campers showcased the skills taught by their counselors in a full length game. "We have seen a great improvement in teamwork," said one counselor "We've seen an even greater improvement in the interest to play."

Friedberg JCC will continue the street hockey program into their fall lineup of after school activities in a few weeks at their headquarters in Oceanside. "I think I want to sign up for a real hockey team once school starts because I had so much fun playing in camp" said one boy camper. Great job campers, enjoy your last week of camp!

Camp Achieve at Oceanside JCC

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Camp Achieve completed their weekly street hockey class today. Campers completed a fun passing game as well as mini scrimmages, showing how much their coordination has improved since the beginning of summer. "I'm not good at ice hockey, but I am good at street hockey!" exclaimed one boy. Sports specialist, Carmen teaches the sport once a week to two groups of 5-13 year olds. "I like to focus on the safety aspect so they can all enjoy the sport" he says. Marcy Hallerman, Camp Director says Carmen is great at getting campers engaged and focused.

"I want everyone to play hockey with me" declared one little girl. Camp Achieve has tailored the Street Program to their needs by using a larger foam ball to practice proper mechanics for a younger age group. Camp wraps up in a week but Oceanside JCC plans to utilize the Islanders Street Program in their after-school offerings.

Hicksville Boys & Girls Club Street Hockey Kick-Start

Monday, July 10, 2017

Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Hicksville were ecstatic to receive their new Islanders Street Program equipment today! The kids couldn't wait to try out all the goodies Sparky had brought for them. "We're very excited about this opportunity to bring Islanders hockey into our center" said Program Director Nick Singh, "We have a couple kids who play hockey in school already and this is a great chance for them to teach their peers the sport." Students scrimmaged with Sparky and were looking forward to sharpening their hockey knowledge. "Sparky's cool, hockey's cool, this is cool!" said one student about the opportunity. The Hicksville Boys & Girls Club is implementing the street hockey unit as part of their weekly summer camp offerings.

Friedberg's JCC Junior and Explorer Division at Henry Kaufmann Campground in Wheatley Heights, NY

Monday, July 10, 2017

Friedberg's JCC Junior and Explorer Division at Henry Kaufmann Campground in Wheatley Heights, NY experienced their go with the Islanders Street Program earlier this morning. Campers exercised their passing and communication skills through relay races and obstacle courses. "Remember teamwork and sportsmanship!" advised Juliana, camp sports specialist, as campers started scrimmaging. The Junior Division, campers grade K-4th, did an exceptional job in following one of the most important rules of street hockey; keeping sticks low. "I can't wait to play all summer long" said one camper. Campers are lucky enough to have current hockey players as counselors to help guide them through proper techniques and provide other helpful pointers. The Junior and Explorer Division at Henry Kaufmann Campground runs in conjunction with the Friedberg JCC.

Friedberg's JCC Summer Recreational Program at Reinhard School

Friday, July 7, 2017

5th and 6th grade campers welcomed the start of their Islanders Street Program today at the Charles A. Reinhard Early Childhood Center in Bellmore, NY today. Campers polished their fundamental skills with partner passing and shooting drills. "I'm already good at hockey, I just keep getting better" exclaimed a camper. Fierce competition broke out during the scrimmage thanks in part to the majority of students already being experienced in hockey. Team 1 won a nail biter 3-2! "We are excited to use the rest of the program playbook" said Director Mark. The Islanders Street Program will be utilized in Bellmore's summer recreational program for more students of all ages to experience. Bellmore's Summer Recreational Program is sanctioned by the Friedberg JCC.

Friedberg JCC's Camp Achieve at Boardman Elementary School

Thursday, July 6, 2017

The cloudy weather did not keep down campers' smiles at Camp Achieve at Boardman Elementary School in Oceanside, NY today! Over 45 kids and counselors welcomed members of the New York Islanders staff in their mini-clinic kick start to their summer program. Campers started the day with a warm-up led by our mascot Sparky. From here, campers listened attentively to the top three street hockey rules: no hitting, sticks low, and have fun! And have fun they did! Campers broke out into teams and showed off their ball control and shooting skills through obstacle courses and fundamental drills. Camp Achieve runs in conjunction with the Friedberg JCC and is designed to foster socialization, independence and skill building for those children ages 5-13 on the autism spectrum. Thank you Camp Achieve for showing that the Islanders Street Program, and hockey, is for everyone!

Islanders Street Program Summer 2017 Update

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer campers at the Bellmore-Merrick Summer Teen Program at Brookside School in North Merrick tested out their Islanders Street Program equipment for the first time today. Led by camp counselors Matt and Ben, campers developed basic hockey knowledge, competed in obstacle courses and put their skills to the test during a competitive scrimmage. "I am a lifelong Islanders fan. This is cool to see the Islanders be generous enough to teach kids how to play hockey" said head counselor Matt. Both Matt and Ben are hockey players and look forward to teaching their campers more about the game.

Among the campers was a class of girls who although hesitant to participate at first, were eager to join in and play soon after. "After I saw my friend Sara play, I thought it looked like fun too" said one camper as she ran to the back of her team's line.

The camp runs in conjunction with the Friedberg JCC headquartered in Oceanside, NY. Their other offsite locations will get to enjoy their chance at the Islanders Street Program later in the week.

Islanders Street Program Summer 2017 Update

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The New York Islanders Street Hockey Program kicked off Summer 2017 with a trip to the Boys & Girls Club of Oyster Bay-East Norwich. The children of the street hockey unit had a chance to showcase their skill set learned over the course of the after-school program alongside Sparky this past Tuesday evening.

The center's Program Director says the street program has gained interest since its inception last year and the kids really enjoy a different type of sport offering. The center will also implement the Islanders Street Program into their upcoming summer camps.

Islanders Floorball Update - Winter 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The New York Islanders Floorball program is into its first session for the Winter and going strong. Today, we visited the children down at Norwood Avenue School in Northport to see how the kids were enjoying the game. During our visit the grade 5 students were participating in the program. The children were having a great time scrimmaging verse each other. Click here for photo gallery from today's school visit.

The following schools are participating in the first Winter session of the program:

  • Roosevelt Middle School
  • Turtle Hook Middle School
  • Woodland Middle School
  • John Lewis Childs School, Queens
  • Charles E Schwarting School
  • Saltzman East Memorial
  • Oceanside Jr. High School
  • Holy Name of Mary School
  • Hewitt Elementary School
  • Southhold Elementary School
  • Norwood Avenue School
  • Citizens of the World School, Brooklyn
  • PS/IS 157, Brooklyn
  • Joseph F. Lamb School, Brooklyn
  • PS 202, Brooklyn
  • PS 721- Rov. Campanella School, Brooklyn
  • PS 290 Juan Morel Campus, Brooklyn
  • PS 770 The New American Academy, Brooklyn
  • PS 254, Brooklyn
  • Frederick Douglas Academy, Brooklyn

Islanders Floorball Update - Fall 2016 Session 2

Friday, December 16, 2016

The New York Islanders floorball program is going strong in its second two-week session of the 2016-2017 school year. The program continues to to be implemented in schools over Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau and Suffolk Counties and Queens. For the 2nd session once again over 24 elementary and middle school students are learning the game of hockey during their physical education classrooms. The unique and actioned packed program has so far exposed hundreds of elementary and middle school students to floorball. The students got a chance to learn about floorball/hockey, stickhandling and other basic technique in some fast-paced drills and games.

We would like to thank the following schools for participating in the Islanders Floorball Program second Fall session:

  • Old Mill Road Elementary School, North Merrick
  • Abbey Lane Elementary School, Levittown
  • North Shore Middle School, Glen Head
  • East Woods School, Oyster Bay
  • Robbins Lane Elementary School, Syosset
  • Stewart School, Garden City
  • Oceanside Middle School, Oceanside
  • Stratford Elementary School, Plainview
  • Guggenheim Elementary School, Port Washington
  • Walnut Street Elementary School, Uniondale
  • Nathaniel Woodhull Elementary School, Shirley
  • Longwood Junior High School, Middle Island
  • South Bay Elementary School, West Babylon
  • Community Partnership Charter School, Brooklyn
  • School of the Blessed Sacrament, NY
  • Marine Park JHS IS 278
  • PS 243, The Weeksville School, Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Environmental Exploration School, Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn Landmark Elementary School, Brooklyn
  • Fort Greene Preparatory Academy, Brooklyn
  • PS 162/ John Golden School, Brooklyn

Throughout the course of the next two weeks Sparky the Dragon will be making his way to some of the particpating schools to wrap up the Fall floorball session. Make sure to look back to see our next post which will feature pictures from the schools Sparky will be visiting.

Sparky Visits Islanders Floorball Program at Brooklyn Charter School and Landing Elementary School

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

This past week Sparky made his way to visit the children at two local schools that are both participating in the Islanders Floorball Program. The students at Brooklyn Charter School in Brooklyn and Landing Elementary School in Glen Cove were thrilled to put their hockey skills to the test with a visit from their favorite mascot.

The students showed the progress of their skills by going through some drills followed by a friendly scrimmage amongst their peers.The first session of the Fall program ends with Thanksgiving break and the new Fall session will begin. For more information on the Islanders Floorball Program please contact

Try Hockey For Free Day

Saturday, November 12, 2016

In conjunction with USA Hockey's Try Hockey For Free Day, the New York Islanders held a special floorball program at the Northwell Health Ice Center in East Meadow. More than sixty participants came out to try the fun game of floorball.

From drills, to mini games the children in attendance had a blast with some help from our friends at the Peconic Foundation. Each child in attendance had the opportunity to try the game with the Islanders branded floorball sticks and jerseys.

All participants went home with some Islanders goodies along with pictures with their favorite NHL mascot, Sparky.

The New York Islanders to Expand its Floorball Program with 100+ Schools

The New York Islanders are set to expand its successful floorball outreach program on Long Island and in New York City throughout the 2016-17 school year. The Islanders have once again partnered with Generation Floorball in New York City to help facilitate the program. The decision to use floorball equipment lays in the nature and design of the sticks. The fast-paced version of floor hockey uses sticks and training balls that do not scuff/damage gym floors and other surfaces.

Last spring, the Islanders introduced the beneficial floor hockey activity to several hundred students at numerous after-school programs throughout Brooklyn. Not only did the students take part in the fast, fun and explosive version of floor hockey, they also received an opportunity to visit the Barclays Center and the watch several Islanders games. In February, Islanders forward Ryan Strome visited the program's kick-off event in Bergen Beach, where Strome showed the participants some elementary hockey skills and engaged with the fans.

This time around, over 100 elementary and middle schools in Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens will take part in the program. Students will engage in a two-week floorball unit at their respective schools, led by their own physical education teachers. Each school will receive a complete equipment package with sticks, accessories, as well as the instructional material needed in order to conduct the fun unit. Once the two-week unit is completed, the program and equipment will rotate to a new set of schools. Sparky and other representatives from the Islanders will make appearances at various schools throughout the program. Select students will also receive an opportunity to visit an Islanders home game at Barclays Center.

"The floorball program was a huge success last year and we are excited to expand into more schools this season," Islanders President and General Manager Garth Snow said. "It has always been a goal of the organization to grow the game of hockey in the community. By working with Generation Floorball, this program allows us to do just that."

In addition to the 100 schools taking part in the program, the original after-school program in Brooklyn is also going strong. The initiative that started off with eight elementary and middle school in the spring of 2016, is slated to expand with an additional two schools this fall.


New York Islanders Floorball Program
Fall 2016: Session 1

Hewitt Elementary School - 446 Hempstead Ave, Rockville Centre
Jackson Main Elementary School - 451 Jackson Street, Hempstead
Landing Elementary School- 60 McLoughlin Street, Glen Cove
Howell Road Elementary School - 1475 Howell Road, Valley Stream
Bellport Middle School - Kreamer Street, Bellport
Pulaski Road Elementary School - 623 Ninth Avenue, East Northport
Bridgehampton Elementary School - Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton
P.S. 770: The New American Academy - 60 east 94th Street, Brooklyn
P.S. 346 - 3829 Avenue K, Brooklyn
P.S. 119 - 1037 E. 54th Street, Brooklyn
P.S. 251 - 50 Avenue P, Brooklyn
Brooklyn School of Inquiry - 101 Park Avenue, Brooklyn
Dr. Susan S. McKinney School - 911 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
P.S./I.S. 157 - 850 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School - 80 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn
John Dewey High School - 50 Avenue X, Brooklyn
Cultural Arts Academy - 1400 Linden Blvd., Brooklyn
P.S. 214K - 2944 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn
P.S. 251Q - 144-51 Arthur Street, Kew Gardens
P.S. 184 - 163-15 21st Road, Whitestone
School of the Blessed Sacrament - 147 west 70th Street, New York City
Lower Manhattan Community Middle School - 26 Broadway 6th Floor, New York City

Islanders Floorball Championship Games

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Islanders Floorball Program came to an end for the 2015-16 school year on Tuesday night at the Bergen Beach Community Athletic Center in Brooklyn. Tuesday night was filled with a night of fun as the students in attendance from P.S. 312 and P.S. 207 battled to be the 1st ever champions of the Islanders inaugural floorball program.

As the students arrived for the game they had a chance to interact with the Islanders mascot, Sparky, and win some great Islanders prizes by spinning the Islanders prize wheel.

The championship game saw a great team effort by both schools. The students put their skills and knowledge of the game to the test. It was a close game but in the end P.S. 312 rallied to win the game 6-4. The championship game for the middle schools will take place on June 2nd when I.S. 14 will play I.S. 78.

Islanders Floorball Program in Final Stretch

Thursday, May 19, 2016

With the end of the Islanders Floorball Program in sight, the players are preparing for the upcoming championship event. On Tuesday May 24th, two teams from the Elementary section of the program and two teams from the Middle School section will battle over the honor and prestige of becoming the 2016 Islanders Floorball Program champions. The participating teams are still TBD and will depend on the outcome of the last group games being held this week.

The blogging team stopped by several program sites this past week, including the game between P.S. 236 and P.S. 207. The Islanders mascot, Sparky, and a Islanders TV were also on-site to capture this intense game in the Mill Basin area of Brooklyn. Although a passionate game, the students from P.S. 207 were unable to prevent the skilled team from P.S. 236 from winning the game. Despite the loss, the students from P.S. 207 were not too upset when Sparky offered to take them on in a short impromptu game.

The most fast-paced game of the week took place between I.S. 14 and I.S. 78 and ended in a 3-1 victory for I.S. 14. Coach Kevin Catoire was pleased with his team's win and contributes their success to the team's practice routine. "We practice three days a week now and that has evidentially paid off."

The clinic and championship event will take place at the Bergen Beach Sports Complex (2331 Bergen Avenue) in Brooklyn from 6-8 pm on May 24th, with an open community clinic to start off the evening.

Schedule for Championship Games:

5:30 pm: Player Sign-in

6:00 - 7:15 pm: Open Community Clinic

7:15 - 8:00 pm: Championships Games

Results from previous week:

  • P.S. 236 vs. P.S. 207, Final Score: 8-2
  • P.S. 203 vs. P.S. 312, Final Score: 4-3
  • I.S. 14 vs. I.S. 78, Final Score: 3-1
  • I.S. 278 vs. I.S. 207, Final Score: 4-2

Islanders Floorball Program Back In Play Following State Testing

Friday, April 29, 2016

After a short hiatus due to school testing, the Islanders outreach program is going stronger than ever before. The energetic students showed that they were more than ready to get back into the game and take on their opponents. The games of this past week were more intense and passionate than what we have previously seen.

The first game between P.S. 203 from Marine Park and P.S. 207 from Bergen Beach ended in a 2-2 tie after an intense battle. The expectations on last week's repeat game between the two schools were high and the action filled match certainly did not fail to deliver. Students from both sides were eager to beat their opponents, but after quick goals from both teams in the third period, the game ended in another 2-2 tie.

Although an intense match, the game between P.S. 312 and P.S. 236 was quite the one-team show. It became clear very early in the game that the Bergen Beach Students at P.S. 312 were the stronger team. After three goals by P. S. 312 in the first period, the team from P.S. 236 in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, seemed unable to turn the game around. Although scoring two goals in the second period, P.S. 236 was unable to match P.S. 312's speed and efficiency.

The game between I.S. 78 and I.S. 14 ended in a 3-1 win for I.S. 78. Even though I.S. 14 lost the game, their resilience and teamwork must be commemorated. The Sheepshead Bay students at I.S. 14 were the last students to join the program. Despite their loss, the I.S. 14 students have collectively improved their skills and understanding of the game, more than any other students in the program.

The middle school students from I.S. 207 lost a close game to their peers at I.S. 278. The outcome of the game was unclear up until the beginning of the third period when 278 scored the winning goal.

One of the main goals with this program has been to activate students in an indoor-hockey setting. Although getting kids active was a key component, another envisioned goal was to expose the students to the New York Islanders and the culture of hockey. According to the site directors responsible for the implementation of the program, many students now regularly discuss hockey and comment on the playoff situation in the NHL. Nearly all students have now attended at least one NHL game and they are well on their way to become lifelong ice hockey fans.

Stay tuned for more info!


  • P.S. 203 vs. P.S. 207, Final Score: 2-2
  • P.S. 312 vs. P.S. 236, Final Score: 6-2
  • I.S. 78 vs. I.S. 14, Final Score: 3-1
  • I.S. 278 vs. I.S. 207, Final Score: 3-2

Islanders Floorball: Mini-Floorball League Begins

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Combine students from various schools with competitive indoor hockey matches and you are bound to see some sweat, excitement and comradery. This past week marked the launch of the one-of-a-kind mini-floorball league that we have mentioned in the previous blog posts. Students from the participating schools will spend the upcoming weeks competing against their peers in fast and exciting floorball matches. The 3 x 12 minute games are expected to be intense and full of rivalry, as expected when teams from eight different schools all across Brooklyn are fighting to bring home the title. Week 1 of the league certainly lived up to those expectations.

The most intense game of the week took place between P.S. 203 and P.S. 207 at the Floyd Bennet School in Canarsie. The students at P.S. 203 took the lead almost immediately and dominated the first half of the game. Although initially outplayed, the Marine Park boys and girls from P.S. 207 fought hard and were back in the game after a quick goal in the beginning of the second period. After two additional goals in the third period, the game ended in a tie. Despite having home court advantage, P.S. 203 was unable to hold off P.S. 207 and missed out on those valuable extra points.

Michelle Taylor, Site Director for Millennium Development at P.S. 207 was certainly happy with the game and its outcome. "All of our kids were really excited to compete against another school. They had so much fun even though the game ended in a tie. The students cannot wait to play next week's games. Competing really brings out the spirit of the game," said Taylor.

The games between the middle school teams were exciting and can be summarized as fast, gritty and bold. The Bergen Beach team from I.S. 78 dominated their Sheepshead Bay opponents in the game that ended 3-0. After a close game between I.S. 278 and I.S. 207, P.S. 278 was able to score the winning goal in the third period.



  • P.S. 203 vs. P.S. 207, Final Score: 2-2
  • P.S. 236 vs. P.S. 312, Final Score: 2-1


  • I.S. 14 vs. I.S. 78, Final Score: 0-3
  • I.S. 207 vs. I.S. 278, Final Score: 2-3

Islanders Floorball Program Update

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The floorball hockey program is going strong at all program locations. This past week, the blogging team made several appearances at the schools, including P.S. 236 and I.S. 78.

At the time of our visit at I.S. 78, Roy H. Mann Junior High School in Bergen Beach on Monday, the students were participating in fast 5-on-5 games with substitutes. Throughout the program, the instructors have gradually introduced more and more rules in order for the participants to fully understand the game. This week, the Roy H. Mann instructors focused on fair play and avoiding delay of game, in order to maximize the benefits of playing. These were not concepts that the students were familiar with and became more evident throughout the course of the games.

All of the participating schools are now making final preparations for the upcoming mini-league, scheduled to start in the upcoming week. "Next week marks the start of the floorball league - first of its kind in the region, with 15 member teams from all eight program locations. We are all very excited!," said Max Seigle, Special Events Coordinator at Millennium Development.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Islanders Floorball Program Moving Along

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Islanders Floorball program is moving along. The students development and understanding of the game is now more noticeable than in previous weeks. The participants have not only enhanced their ability to handle the stick and ball but, the confidence of the players has also increased. This is evident at all afterschool sites, but especially at PS 312.

When the program started, some of the students were hesitant to participate in a new activity. After four weeks into the program, the same students are now the most active participants. Everyone is enjoying the sport and having fun interacting with each other.

One of the main goals of the program has been to activate students in a fulfilling afterschool setting. "Seeing these students running around, being active and visibly having fun is a true testament to the importance of programs like this," said Daniel Palm from Generation Floorball, one of the managing partners of the program.

Stay tuned for more weekly updates.

Floorball in Brooklyn Continues!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Islanders Floorball program is in its fourth week and going strong. The instructors are in the process of preparing their students for participation in the fun and inclusive mini-league that will take place in the upcoming weeks. The students will begin to play short games against the other participating schools. Following the conclusion of the games a championship event will take place at the Bergen Sports Complex. Preparations are underway for the league, and the students continue to learn about the fun game of hockey and floorball while participating in fun exercises and games.

As with most activities, teachers and instructors have to be flexible when it comes to implementing them. This week, the students from P.S. 236 moved out of the gym and brought floorball into the school cafeteria where they engaged in some fast-paced games. At P.S. 203, the elementary students insisted on playing a game where the girls would take on the boys in a short match. Both groups of students had fun playing each other in the friendly games.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Third Week of Floorball Program

Monday, March 7, 2016

The eight week floorball program in Brooklyn is going strong in its third week. Taking advantage of the nice weather, students and instructors from PS 236 in the Mill Basin neighborhood, decided that it was time to take the floorball activities outside. Sunny skies, temperatures peaking in the upper 50's, an outside basketball court as well as energetic and enthusiastic children, turned out to be the perfect environment for some fun, beneficial but also competitive floorball activities. The students spent 90 minutes working on their stickhandling skills and playing games, while getting some fresh air and enjoying the sun.

Although the students at the other participating schools played inside this week, they will all have the opportunity to move the game out into the sun, when the weather permits. The flexible nature of the activity and the equipment ensures that all 400 participants are able to partake in floorball not only inside, but also outside.

Even though some of the younger participants haven't fully mastered how to properly hold the stick, the overall handling of the stick, ball, hand/eye coordination and understanding of the game has certainly improved amongst the students. The participating students will spend a few more weeks learning the crucial aspects of the hockey game, before taking part in a fun and inclusive mini-league.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Floorball Program off to Great Start in Schools

Monday, February 29, 2016

Brooklyn Public Schools saw the start of the new floorball program sponsored by the Islanders being implemented in seven schools this past week. The students spent two afternoons following the school day partaking in the new activity. The participants spent the first of the two sessions learning about hockey, participating in drills and fun games, intended to boost the players understanding of the game and overall skills. Although a fun and important learning session, most of the students were even more eager to participate in the latter half of the program with some game action.

The first half of the eight week program is structured around teaching the participants the fundamentals of indoor-hockey and participation in intramural games. The second half will consist of mini league games between the different after school locations. In addition to introducing the students to a fun game, the goal of the program is to activate students in an indoor-hockey environment where they can continue to grow their skills and strive to continue developing their hockey skills. Many of the participating elementary and middle school students have never played hockey or similar sports before. "It's fantastic to see the progress that they have made even after just two sessions," said Max Seigle, Special Events Coordinator at Millennium Development.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Islanders floorball program progresses!

Floorball "Try Hockey for Free" Event

Sunday, February 21, 2016

On Sunday, February 21st, The New York Islanders partnered with Generation Floorball and Millennium Development to bring hockey into the local community with a "Try Hockey for Free" Event. The try hockey for free event was held in conjunction with USA Hockey's "Hockey Weekend Across America." The festivities kicked off at the Bergen Beach Youth Organization's Community Sports Complex.

Islanders right wing, Ryan Strome, participated in the event. Upon his arrival, Strome spoke to the participants in attendance and explained his journey to the NHL. The Islanders right winger then went from group to group giving the children in attendance some pointers. He took the group through stick handling, shooting and passing demonstrations. Upon his departure, Strome made sure to sign autographs and take pictures with all those in attendance.

This special event is part of the Islanders eight-week program where more than 400 students will gain the opportunity to try floorball. Equipment, facilities and instructors are supplied to seven different elementary and middle school locations in Brooklyn through the collaborative effort.

Floorball Hits Brooklyn Public Schools

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Tuesday, February 16th, Floorball, a type of indoor hockey, hit Brooklyn public schools with the help of the New York Islanders, Millennium Development, and Generation Floorball.

Millennium Development, a Brooklyn based community organization, hosted the first Floorball session of the 8-week program, at Public School 236. There were over 70 youth participants present from multiple Brooklyn elementary and middle schools.

Leading up to the event, Millennium Development, Generation Floorball and the New York Islanders worked together to ensure the success of the event and future program. The revealing of custom New York Islanders sticks, decked out in blue and orange, had the kids overwhelmed with excitement.

Teams from Millennium Development and Generation Floorball worked together to introduce the game and specific concepts to the youth participants. The students learned proper stick technique, ball control and took part in relay races and other games, with nothing but smiles!

Special guest appearance from New York Islanders mascot Sparky, led to a competitive game with staff. Sparky, of course, scoring the game-winning goal caused an outburst of excitement.

The program will bring hockey to 8 elementary and middle school facilities where up to 400 participants will partake in the beneficial activity.