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Saturday Crossword - Nov. 22, 2008

par Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Test your Habs knowledge

How well do you know Patrick Roy?  Put your knowledge of No. 33 to the test with a special Roy-themed edition of this week’s crossword.


1   Last player to wear number 33 before Roy
3   Roy’s first NHL coach
5   Shared the Canadiens’ net with Roy from 1986 to 1990
6   Opponent at whom the famous wink in the 1993 Final was directed
10   Team against which Roy made 13 saves in overtime on May 5, 1986
12   General Manager who selected Roy 51st overall in 1984
1   Roy’s fellow Habs netminder during the 1986 Stanley Cup run
2   Name of the junior team Roy played for from 1982 to 1985
4   Roy’s fellow Habs netminder during the 1993 Stanley Cup run
7   Goaltending coach with whom Roy perfected the butterfly style
8   Roy’s nickname
9   Team against which Roy recorded his first shutout
11   Roy’s coach when he won his three Vezina Trophies

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