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Saturday Crossword- Jan. 17, 2009

par Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
Test your Habs knowledge

As you sit down for breakfast, why not test your knowledge of Habs history with a Canadiens crossword? Don't get discouraged, there will be another one next weekend and every Saturday after that. Need help, click here to visit our historical website :

Solution will be available Tuesday.

2   Former Canadiens enforcer originally from Latvia
4   Defenseman traded to the Jets in 1983
5   Canadiens’ top scorer against the Senators in 2007-08
6   Traded to the Hartford Whalers in exchange for a draft pick in 1992
8   First Canadiens player to ever wear number 4
10   Famous Canadiens play-by-play announcer whose first name is René
11   Canadiens’ top scorer in 2001-02
13   Habs’ arena from 1910 to 1918
14   Scored his first NHL goal against Marc Denis in December 2006
1   Notched his first career shutout with the Bulldogs on January 9, 2009
3   City that the Seals called home
7   First Canadiens captain
9   Stevenson / Habs’ first pick in 1990
12   Canadiens goalie from 1933 to 1941
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