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Bring it on

par Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL – After spending the past year leaving no stone unturned, in a quest to find the world’s best young hockey talent, the Canadiens are ready to step up and draft a few hidden gems.   

“The Draft is like the Super Bowl for scouts,” explained Draft day guru Trevor Timmins, the Habs’ Director of Player Development. “It’s a huge weekend for all of us.”

Known for his late-round sleeper picks, Timmins is leading the charge at the Canadiens’ Draft table for the seventh time since his arrival in 2003. On Draft day-eve, the wily veteran is keeping his cards close to his vest. 

“I’m not ready to show my hand just yet.  The draft really is like a poker game,” offered Timmins. “We’re competing with 29 other teams. In the first round, 17 of those teams are ahead of us in the order and there are 12 others who could trade up to get themselves in better positions.  I’m not about to unveil any secrets.”

The team’s drafting philosophy is taking a familiar shape, only this year, Timmins is adding a subtle twist to his plans.

“We’ve changed the name of the game a little bit,” added a grinning Timmins. “We’re talking now about getting the best asset available, not just the best player available. We’ve done our homework; we’re ready.  This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.”

Poised to do his thing in front of a home crowd for the first time, Timmins is eager to get on with the show.

“I’m always the guy watching all the way up from the press box,” shrugged Timmins. “Now I’ll finally have the chance to be on the ice and feel the same atmosphere that our players get to feel every night which makes our fans the best in the world.”

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