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The Vancouver Canucks Alumni is made up of former hockey players, coaches and administrators and has over 100 members and associates in the Greater Vancouver area. The mandate of the alumni association is "to work for the improvement of personal relationships among all members of the hockey fraternity, to provide financial and other forms of assistance to members of the hockey community and their families, when in need, to support charitable causes, primarily youth orientated, and to generally promote the game of ice hockey at all levels".

The alumni interacts with the NHL Canucks in most of the team's charitable and community fundraisers and operates a schedule of its own benefit hockey games and golf tournaments throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.

Front Row

  • Shaz Hemani
  • Gerry "Slammer" Dean
  • Dave Babych
  • Cliff Ronning
  • Gerry Sillers
  • Orland Kurtenbach
  • Ernie Dougherty
  • Jack McIlhargey
  • Dennis Kearns
  • Kirk McLean
  • Jyrki Lumme
  • John Ashbridge
  • Terry Bingley

Second Row

  • Chris Oddleifson
  • Dave Cannon
  • Aaron Pritchett
  • Bob Murray
  • B.J. MacDonald
  • Dave Tomlinson
  • Garry Valk
  • John Garrett
  • Garry Monahan
  • Moe Lemay
  • Darcy Rota
  • Tony Tanti
  • Randy Heath
  • Phil Von Stefenelli
  • Rod Brathwaite
  • Doug Deacon

Back Row

  • Bruce Brill
  • Doug Bodger
  • Mark Lofthouse
  • Jackson Davies
  • Mike Brown
  • Gary Nylund
  • Dan Clark
  • Greg C. Adams
  • Rick Amann
  • Jim Vandermeer
  • Matt Pettinger