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The Official Site of the Vancouver Canucks

The new official app of your Vancouver Canucks!


  • Real time breaking news
  • Match previews
  • Videos, images, team stats


Your one stop shop for all game day related info.

  • Match info
  • Key stats
  • Gameday preview
  • Pregame interviews

Ticket Management

  • Manage your tickets all in one spot.
  • Upgrade your seats.

Arena Play

  • Play games in arena on the video board through your mobile device.
  • Check into your seat for your chance to win jerseys, tickets, food & more.

Arena Map

An interactive arena map that displays arena gates, food stalls, bars, elevators, restrooms & other amenities.


  • Live audio coverage for all canucks games.

Predict The Play

Be a part of the action and predict your Vancouver Canucks performance before the game. Before tuning into Canucks games, fans will be able to earn points by predicting assorted game outcomes related to team and player performance, as well by answering skill testing Canucks trivia! The fan with highest points at the end of the game, will win big Canucks prizes. Download the Canucks app on your mobile device and click on the 'Predict the Play' tile to play! Make sure to sign up in order to win!

Play Predict The Play


This new version provides significantly greater functionalities. The most important one being ticket management-you can now manage your tickets directly from the app. Other useful features include an interactive arena map, in-arena games that you can play on the videoboard, and a one stop shop for gameday info. As the app evolves, this new version will allow us to add even more future functionalities that will enhance the fan experience.

Yes you can. The content will be still be updated but the new version of the Canucks app will have greater functionalities, especially for arena features.

This app can be used anywhere. Certain features like Arena Interactive Games and Seat Upgrades, will only be applicable to fans at the game. Everything else including 50/50 Draw (only BC residents), ticket management, and content is encouraged to be used everywhere else.

Yes you can. You must sign into your ticket account management at the top left of the menu, which will open your Ticketmaster ticket details.

Yes, you will need to download and use the NHL app directly. However, this new version will have all of the content that's in the NHL app with greater functionalities, especially for arena features.