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Canucks App

This is the official mobile app of the Vancouver Canucks. Download to your Apple or Android device to get access to the latest Vancouver Canucks news, scores, stats, interactive games, photos and much more.

App Description and Features

The new version of the Canucks mobile app represents a significant change from previous versions. The following updates enhances the mobile experience that provides Canucks fan's greater control:

  • Ticket Account Management - Located in the top left corner of the menu, simply click the ticket icon to load the login portal. Enter your My Canucks login details and manage your tickets for every game all in one place.
  • App Inbox - Located in the top left corner of the menu, simply click the message icon to load your inbox. This inbox holds all messages sent to you. If you missed a push notification on your lock screen, simply find the unread message in your inbox. To subscribe or unsubscribe to types of notifications, visit "Settings" in the navigation menu.
  • News - This is the default homepage of the mobile app. You can view/listen to all news, videos, photos and audio directly within the app from this section. Scroll down for previously published news.
  • Schedule - Find all scheduled home and away games. Click a previous game for recap, box scores, stats, and plays of that game. Click on a future game for preview, stats and ticketing information.
  • Team - Find all roster, stats and standings information.
  • Buy Tickets - Directly purchase tickets through Ticketmaster or contact a Canucks ticket sales representative through the app.
  • Seat Upgrades - Looking to upgrade your seat location? Click this section and follow the instructions to upgrade your seats. For full seat upgrade guide, click here.
  • Game Day - Your one stop shop for all game day related information such as match-up information, gameday preview, key stats and pre-game interviews.
  • Arena Map - Open the interactive arena map to find the locations of arena gates, food stalls, bars, elevators, restrooms, and other amenities. Click the icon of any amenity and an informational description will appear. On the bottom, toggle between levels of the Arena to explore what Rogers Arena has to offer.
  • 50/50 - The Canucks 50/50 draw is now playable in-arena and outside of the arena for all home games. Draw tickets are on sale when the doors open at the arena (6PM for 7PM games) until the 2nd intermission. Online ticket buyers will receive a receipt in their email a few minutes after purchasing. Must be 19 years or older to purchase a 50/50 ticket.
  • Contests and Offers - Participate in live contest and offers.
  • Arena Play - During the game, fans can play games on the videoboard through their mobile device. Listen for the game announcement, open the app, and click to play.
  • Settings - Personalize your Canucks mobile app preferences and settings in this section.



This new version provides significantly greater functionalities. The most important one being ticket management-you can now manage your tickets directly from the app. Other useful features include an interactive arena map, in-arena games that you can play on the videoboard, and a one stop shop for gameday info. As the app evolves, this new version will allow us to add even more future functionalities that will enhance the fan experience.

Yes you can. The content will be still be updated but the new version of the Canucks app will have greater functionalities, especially for arena features.

This app can be used anywhere. Certain features like Arena Interactive Games and Seat Upgrades, will only be applicable to fans at the game. Everything else including 50/50 Draw (only BC residents), ticket management, and content is encouraged to be used everywhere else.

Yes you can. You must sign into your ticket account management at the top left of the menu, which will open your Ticketmaster ticket details.

Yes, you will need to download and use the NHL app directly. However, this new version will have all of the content that's in the NHL app with greater functionalities, especially for arena features.


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