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How it works:

  1. Register using the button below. Fill out the information and be sure to upload a copy of the student's report card (upload two if showing improvement).
  2. Students being deemed eligible for tickets will receive an email with instructions.
  3. The offer can be used to redeem up to two tickets for select 2019-2020 Blue Jackets home games.


What report cards will be accepted?
Quarterly and trimester report cards for the current academic year will be accepted, no mid-term, interim or progress report cards will be accepted.

How many times can this promotion be utilized?
Each student is eligible to receive tickets once per academic year.

Can a student get the tickets by showing improvement from one school year to the next year?
No, improvement must be demonstrated during one academic year in the same subject or class.

Can two different students from one family be eligible for two separate sets of tickets?
Yes! Each student is eligible to receive this promotion. Separate forms must be submitted for each student.

Where are the seats located?
Seat locations will vary based on game.

How will I receive the tickets?
The Blue Jackets have gone to a mobile ticketing system. Follow the instructions below to access your tickets:

  1. Using your smartphone, download the NHL Mobile App (select Blue Jackets as your favorite team) and scroll down to the Ticket Section and select My Blue Jackets Account. You may also visit
  2. Enter your My Blue Jackets Account email address, your password and press "Sign In" in to continue. Please note, if you have purchased tickets for an upcoming event through using the same email address you used for your Blue Jackets tickets, you will be given the option to link these accounts and view all tickets here. This is an optional step and not a requirement to manage your Blue Jackets tickets.
  3. Tap all events and scroll through to select the game you wish to attend or transfer to a friend.
  4. Select your seats and tap "View Barcode" to display your unique QR code for each game ticket.
  5. Simply show the QR code upon entering Nationwide Arena.

You may also select "Send" to forward your tickets, "Sell" to post your tickets for sale, or add your tickets to Passbook.

What if the student's report card does not use the A-F grading scale?
If the report card does not use an A-F scale, achievements will be judged accordingly. The highest possible score will be deemed an "A" and any improvements will be measured based on the report card key. As long as the student has achieved the highest grade possible in all classes or demonstrated an improvement in a letter grade in a subject class, that student is eligible for the promotion.

When will I get a response email after submitting the form?
Although the Blue Jackets will try to get back to you as soon as possible, please allow up to three weeks for a response after submitting the form.

What games can I attend through Student Achievers?
Select 2019-2020 home games will be available.

I was told my student did not qualify. Why?
Only students demonstrating high performance (straight A's or highest grade based on grading scale used) or full letter grade improvement in a subject or class are eligible to receive the tickets.


If you need additional assistance, please call (614) 246-3898.