As an Avalanche Season Ticket Member, you have the ability to donate your season tickets for use by local community groups vetted by Kroenke Sports Charities. Season Ticket Members who cannot use their tickets for a specific game are encouraged to donate them via Ticketmaster. Kroenke Sports Charities distributes all donated tickets to Colorado non-profit organizations and public schools. Your generous donations benefit local children, public servants, and community and civic groups, who might not otherwise have the means to experience an Avalanche game.

Tickets must be donated through Ticketmaster at least 72 hours before game time. For example, if a game is on a Friday at 7 pm, you must donate your tickets by Tuesday at 6:59 pm. If your total ticket donations are valued at $250+ in a single calendar year, you can expect to receive a donation letter for tax purposes from Kroenke Sports Charities via email in January of the following year. If your total ticket donations for the 2024 calendar year were valued at $250, you would receive a donation letter in January 2025 acknowledging the total value of your donations. The IRS does not require written acknowledgment for donations valued at less than $250. If your total ticket donations in a single calendar year are valued at less than $250, you will not receive an acknowledgment letter from Kroenke Sports Charities.

To donate tickets, please read the following instructions:

Log in to KSE Account Manager and select the game for which you want to donate your tickets. Once you are in that specific game, select the heart-shaped 'donate' button and follow any prompts.

The ability to donate tickets is an exclusive benefit for Season Ticket Members. Kroenke Sports Charities can only distribute ticket donations to community groups in even quantities, so please refrain from donating 1 or 3 tickets. If you have any further questions, please contact our Community Relations team at [email protected]. We appreciate your generosity and your commitment to supporting our community!