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Round 2
Round 3
Stanley Cup Final
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Round: 1
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
111NYI Bill Harris RCAN6' 0"197OHAToronto Marlboros
122AFM Jacques Richard LCANQMJHLQuebec Remparts
133VAN Donald Lever CCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
144MTL Stephen Shutt LCANOHAToronto Marlboros
155BUF James Schoenfeld DCAN6' 2"200OHANiagara Falls Flyers
166MTL Michel Larocque GCANOHAOttawa 67's
177PHI Bill Barber LCANOHAKitchener Rangers
188MTL Dave Gardner CCAN6' 0"183OHAToronto Marlboros
199STL Wayne Merrick CCANOHAOttawa 67's
11010NYR Al Blanchard OHAKitchener Rangers
11111TOR George Ferguson CCANOHAToronto Marlboros
11212MNS Jerry Byers LCANOHAKitchener Rangers
11313CHI Philip Russell DCAN6' 2"200WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
11414MTL John Van Boxmeer DCANSOJHLGuelph C.M.C.'s
11515NYR Bob MacMillan RCAN5' 11"185OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
11616BOS Mike Bloom LCAN6' 3"206OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
Round: 2
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
2117NYI Lorne Henning CCANWCHLNew Westminster Bruins
2218AFM Dwight Bialowas DCAN6' 0"185WCHLRegina Pats
2319VAN Bryan McSheffrey RCAN6' 2"205OHAOttawa 67's
2420LAK Donald Kozak RCANWCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
2521NYR Larry Sacharuk DCANWCHLSaskatoon Blades
2622CSE Tom Cassidy CCAN5' 11"180OHAKitchener Rangers
2723PHI Thomas Bladon DCAN6' 1"195WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
2824PIT Jack Lynch DCAN6' 2"180OHAOshawa Generals
2925BUF Larry Carriere DCANCIAULoyola University
21026DET Pierre Guite unattachedSt. Catharine's
21127TOR Randy Osburn LCAN6' 0"190OHALondon Knights
21228CSE Stanley Weir CCANWCHLMedicine Hat Tigers
21329CHI Brian Ogilvie CCANWCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
21430PIT Bernie Lukowich RCAN6' 0"190WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
21531NYR Rene Villemure QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
21632BOS Wayne Elder OHALondon Knights
Round: 3
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
3133NYI Bobby Nystrom RSWE6' 2"200WCHLCalgary Centennials
3234AFM Jean Lemieux DCAN6' 1"180QMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
3335VAN Paul Raymer OHAPeterborough Petes
3436LAK David Hutchison DCANOHALondon Knights
3537BUF Jim McMasters WCHLCalgary Centennials
3638CSE Paul Shakes DCAN5' 10"175OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
3739PHI James Watson DCANWCHLCalgary Centennials
3840PIT Denis Herron GCANQMJHLTrois Rivieres Ducs
3941STL Jean Hamel DCAN5' 11"195QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
31042DET Bob Krieger NCAAU. of Denver
31143TOR Denis Deslauriers QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
31244MNS Terry Ryan OHAHamilton Red Wings
31345CHI Michael Veisor GCANOHAPeterborough Petes
31446MTL Ed Gilbert CCAN6' 0"185OHAHamilton Red Wings
31547NYR Gerry Teeple QMJHLCornwall Royals
31648BOS Michel Boudreau QMJHLLaval National
Round: 4
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
4149NYI Ron Smith DCAN6' 0"185QMJHLCornwall Royals
4250AFM Don Martineau RCAN6' 0"190WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
4351VAN Ron Homenuke RCAN5' 10"180WCHLCalgary Centennials
4452LAK John Dobie WCHLRegina Pats
4553BUF Rychard Campeau QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
4654CSE Claude St. Sauveur CCAN6' 1"185QMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
4755PHI Reginald MacAdam RCANCharlottetown Islanders
4856PIT Robert Lalonde CCANOHAPeterborough Petes
4957STL Murray Myers WCHLSaskatoon Blades
41058DET Danny Gruen LCAN5' 11"190Thunder Bay Vulcans
41159TOR Brian Bowles QMJHLCornwall Royals
41260MNS Tom Thomson OHAToronto Marlboros
41361CHI Tom Peluso NCAAU. of Denver
41462MTL Dave Elenbaas NCAACornell U.
41563NYR Doug Horbul LCAN5' 9"170WCHLCalgary Centennials
41664BOS Les Jackson WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
Round: 5
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
5165NYI Richard Grenier CCANQMJHLVerdun Maple Leafs
5266MTL William Nyrop DUSANCAANotre Dame
5367VAN Larry Bolonchuk DCAN5' 10"190WCHLWinnipeg Jets
5468LAK Bernie Germain WCHLRegina Pats
5569BUF Gilles Gratton GCAN5' 11"160OHAOshawa Generals
5670CSE Tim Jacobs DCAN5' 10"180OHASt. Catharines Black Hawks
5771PHI Daryl Fedorak WCHLVictoria Cougars
5872PIT Brian Walker WCHLCalgary Centennials
5973STL Dave Johnson QMJHLCornwall Royals
51074DET Dennis Johnson NCAAU. of North Dakota
51175TOR Michel Plante QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
51276MNS Chris Ahrens DUSA6' 0"185OHAKitchener Rangers
51377CHI Rejean Giroux QMJHLQuebec Remparts
51478AFM John Martin QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
51579NYR Marty Gateman OHAHamilton Red Wings
51680BOS Brian Coates WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
Round: 6
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
6181NYI Derek Black WCHLCalgary Centennials
6282AFM Frank Blum Sarnia Jrs.
6383VAN Dave McLelland GCAN5' 9"165WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
6484LAK Mike Usitalo NCAAMichigan Tech
6585BUF Peter Mcnab CCANNCAAU. of Denver
6686CSE Jacques Lefebvre QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
6787PHI Dave Hasting Charlottetown Islanders
6888PIT Jeff Ablett WCHLMedicine Hat Tigers
6989STL Tom Simpson OHAOshawa Generals
61090DET Bill Miller DCAN5' 11"170WCHLMedicine Hat Tigers
61191TOR Dave Shardlow WCHLFlin Flon Bombers
61292MNS Steven West CCANOHAOshawa Generals
61393CHI Rob Palmer CUSA6' 0"190NCAAU. of Denver
61494MTL D'Arcy Ryan NCAAYale University
61595NYR Ken Ireland WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
61696BOS Peter Gaw OHAOttawa 67's
Round: 7
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
7197NYI Richard Brodeur GCANQMJHLCornwall Royals
7298AFM Scott Smith WCHLRegina Pats
7399VAN Dan Gloor CCAN5' 9"170OHAPeterborough Petes
74100LAK Glen Toner WCHLRegina Pats
75101NYI Don McLaughlin WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
76102CSE Michael Amodeo DCANOHAOshawa Generals
77103PHI Serge Beaudoin DCANQMJHLTrois Rivieres Ducs
78104PIT D'Arcy Keating NCAANotre Dame
79105STL Brian Coughlin QMJHLVerdun Maple Leafs
710106DET Glen Seperich OHAKitchener Rangers
711107TOR Monte Miron NCAAClarkson University
712108MNS Chris Meloff OHAKitchener Rangers
713109CHI Terry Smith WCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
714110MTL Yves Archambault QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
715111NYR Jeff Hunt WCHLWinnipeg Jets
716112BOS Gordon Clark RGBRNCAAU. of New Hampshire
Round: 8
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
81113NYI Derek Kuntz WCHLMedicine Hat Tigers
82114AFM Dave Murphy OHAHamilton Red Wings
83115VAN Dennis McCord DCAN5' 10"190OHALondon Knights
84116MNS Scott MacPhail OHAMontreal Junior Canadiens
85117NYI Rene Levasseur QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
86118CSE Brent Meeke DCAN5' 11"175OHANiagara Falls Flyers
87119PHI Pat Russell WCHLVancouver Nats
88120PIT Yves Bergeron RCAN5' 9"165QMJHLShawinigan Bruins
89121STL Gary Winchester NCAAU. of Wisconsin
810122DET Mike Ford WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
811123TOR Peter Williams CIAUU. of Prince Edward Island
812124MNS Bob Lundeen NCAAU. of Wisconsin
813125CHI Billy Reay NCAAU. of Wisconsin
814126MTL Graham Parsons AJHLRed Deer Rustlers
815127NYR Yvon Blais QMJHLCornwall Royals
816128BOS Roy Carmichael WCHLNew Westminster Bruins
Round: 9
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
91129NYI Yvon Rolando QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
92130AFM Pierre Roy QMJHLQuebec Remparts
93131VAN Steve Stone RCAN5' 8"170OHANiagara Falls Flyers
94132AFM Jean Lamarre QMJHLQuebec Remparts
95133NYI Bill Ennos WCHLVancouver Nats
96134CSE Denis Meloche QMJHLDrummondville Rangers
97135PHI Ray Boutin QMJHLSorel Black Hawks
98136PIT Jay Babcock OHALondon Knights
99137NYR Pierre Archambault QMJHLSt.-Jerome Alouettes
910138DET George Kuzmicz NCAACornell U.
911139TOR Patrick Boutette LCANNCAAU. of Minnesota-Duluth
912140MNS Glen Mikkelson WCHLBrandon Wheat Kings
913141CHI Gary Donaldson RCAN5' 9"155WCHLVictoria Cougars
914142MTL Eddie Bumbacco NCAANotre Dame
915143TOR Garry Schofield NCAAClarkson University
Round: 10
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
101144NYI Garry Howatt LCANWCHLFlin Flon Bombers
102145MNS Steve Lyon DCAN5' 10"169OHAPeterborough Petes
103146NYI Rene Lambert QMJHLSt.-Jerome Alouettes
104147MNS Juri Kudrasovs OHAKitchener Rangers
105148MNS Marcel Comeau CCANWCHLEdmonton Oil Kings
106149PIT Don Atchison WCHLSaskatoon Blades
107150DET Dave Arundel NCAAU. of Wisconsin
108151MTL Fred Riggall NCAADartmouth College
Round: 11
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Ht Wt Amateur League Amateur Team
111152MTL Ronald Leblanc LUSA5' 9"185CIAUU. of Moncton

For me, it's a great win for our hockey team and for a lot of people back in Columbus, especially our fans in particular … people who have been devoted to this organization, it's big.

— Blue Jackets coach Todd Richards on their win vs. the Penguins in Game 2, the franchise's first-ever Stanley Cup Playoff victory