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Round: 1
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
111CLR Rob Ramage DCAN6' 2"200WHABirmingham Bulls
122STL Perry Turnbull CCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
133DET Mike Foligno RWCAN6' 2"195OHASudbury Wolves
144WSH Mike Gartner RWCAN6' 0"190WHACincinnati Stingers
155VAN Rick Vaive RWCAN6' 1"198WHABirmingham Bulls
166MNS Craig Hartsburg DCANOHASault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
177CHI Keith Brown DCAN6' 1"192WHLPortland Winter Hawks
188BOS Ray Bourque DCAN6' 0"223QMJHLVerdun Black Hawks
199TOR Laurie Boschman CCAN6' 0"185WHLBrandon Wheat Kings
11010MNS Tom McCarthy LWCANOHAOshawa Generals
11111BUF Mike Ramsey DUSA6' 3"195NCAAU. of Minnesota
11212AFM Paul Reinhart DCANOHAKitchener Rangers
11313NYR Doug Sulliman LWCANOHAKitchener Rangers
11414PHI Brian Propp LWCAN5' 10"195WHLBrandon Wheat Kings
11515BOS Brad McCrimmon DCAN5' 11"197WHLBrandon Wheat Kings
11616LAK Jay Wells DCAN6' 1"210OHAKingston Canadians
11717NYI Duane Sutter RWCANWHLLethbridge Broncos
11818HFD Ray Allison RWCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
11919WIN Jimmy Mann RWCANQMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
12020QUE Michel Goulet LWCAN6' 1"195WHABirmingham Bulls
12121EDM Kevin Lowe DCAN6' 2"200QMJHLQuebec Remparts
Round: 2
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
2122PHI Blake Wesley DCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
2223AFM Michael Perovich DCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
2324WSH Errol Rausse LWCANWHLSeattle Breakers
2425NYI Tomas Jonsson DSWESweden
2526VAN Brent Ashton LWCAN6' 1"210WHLSaskatoon Blades
2627MTL Gaston Gingras DCANWHABirmingham Bulls
2728CHI Timothy Trimper LWCANOHAPeterborough Petes
2829LAK Dean Hopkins RWCANOHALondon Knights
2930LAK Mark Hardy DCHE5' 11"195QMJHLMontreal Juniors
21031PIT Paul Marshall LWCANOHABrantford Alexanders
21132BUF Lindy Ruff LWCAN6' 2"201WHLLethbridge Broncos
21233AFM Pat Riggin GCANOHALondon Knights
21334NYR Ed Hospodar DUSAOHAOttawa 67's
21435PHI Pelle Lindbergh GSWE5' 9"198Sweden
21536BOS Douglas Morrison RWCANWHLLethbridge Broncos
21637MTL Mats Naslund LWSWESweden
21738NYI Billy Carroll CCAN5' 10"190OHALondon Knights
21839HFD Stuart Smith DCANOHAPeterborough Petes
21940WIN Dave Christian RWUSA6' 0"180NCAAU. of North Dakota
22041QUE Dale Hunter CCAN5' 10"200OHASudbury Wolves
Round: 3
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
3142MNS Neal Broten CUSA5' 10"175NCAAU. of Minnesota
3243MTL Craig Levie DCANWHLEdmonton Oil Kings
3344MTL Guy Carbonneau CCAN5' 11"186QMJHLChicoutimi Sagueneens
3445DET Joseph Gage RWCAN6' 0"190OHAKitchener Rangers
3546DET Boris Fistric DCANWHLNew Westminster Bruins
3647VAN Ken Ellacott GCANOHAPeterborough Petes
3748EDM Mark Messier CCAN6' 2"211WHACincinnati Stingers
3849CHI William Gardner CCANOHAPeterborough Petes
3950LAK John Kelly LWCANWHLNew Westminster Bruins
31051TOR Normand Aubin CCANQMJHLVerdun Black Hawks
31152PIT Bennett Wolf DCANOHAKitchener Rangers
31253BUF Mark Robinson DCANWHLVictoria Cougars
31354AFM Tim Hunter RWCAN6' 2"200WHLSeattle Breakers
31455BUF Jacques Cloutier GCAN5' 7"168QMJHLTrois Rivieres Draveurs
31556PHI Lindsay Carson CCANWHLBillings Bighorns
31657BOS Keith Crowder RWCANOHAPeterborough Petes
31758MTL Rick Wamsley GCAN5' 11"185OHABrantford Alexanders
31859NYI Roland Melanson GCAN5' 10"185OHAWindsor Spitfires
31960HFD Donald Nachbaur CCANWHLBillings Bighorns
32061WIN William Whelton DUSANCAABoston University
32162QUE Lee Norwood DUSA6' 1"198OHAOshawa Generals
32263MNS Kevin Maxwell CCANNCAAU. of North Dakota
Round: 4
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
4164CLR Steve Peters CCANOHAOshawa Generals
4265STL Bob Crawford RWCANQMJHLCornwall Royals
4366DET John Ogrodnick LWCAN6' 0"204WHLNew Westminster Bruins
4467WSH Harvie Pocza LWCANWHLBillings Bighorns
4568VAN Arthur Rutland CCANOHASault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
4669EDM Glenn Anderson RWCAN6' 1"190NCAAU. of Denver
4770CHI Louis Begin LWCANQMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
4871LAK John Gibson CCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
4972TOR Vincent Tremblay GCANQMJHLQuebec Remparts
41073PIT Brian Cross DCANOHABrantford Alexanders
41174BUF Gilles Hamel LWCANQMJHLLaval National
41275AFM Jim Peplinski LWCANOHAToronto Marlboros
41376NYR Pat Conacher LWCAN5' 8"190WHLSaskatoon Blades
41477PHI Donald Gillen RWCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
41578BOS Larry Melnyk DCAN6' 0"195WHLNew Westminster Bruins
41679MTL David Orleski DCANWHLNew Westminster Bruins
41780NYI Tim Lockridge DCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
41881HFD Ray Neufeld RWCANWHLEdmonton Oil Kings
41982WIN Patrick Daley LWFRAQMJHLMontreal Juniors
42083QUE Anton Stastny LWCZE6' 0"188Czechoslovakia
42184EDM Maxwell Kostovich RWCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
Round: 5
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
5185CLR Gary Dillon CCANOHAToronto Marlboros
5286STL Mark Reeds RWCANOHAPeterborough Petes
5387DET Joe Paterson LWCAN6' 2"207OHALondon Knights
5488WSH Timothy Tookey CCAN5' 11"185WHLPortland Winter Hawks
5589VAN Dirk Graham RWCAN5' 11"190WHLRegina Pats
5690MNS James Dobson RWCANWHLPortland Winter Hawks
5791CHI Gordon Loveday D6' 0"200OHAKingston Canadians
5892LAK Jim Brown DUSANCAANotre Dame
5993TOR Frank Nigro CCANOHALondon Knights
51094PIT Nick Ricci GCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
51195BUF Alan Haworth CCANQMJHLSherbrooke Beavers
51296AFM Brad Kempthorne RWCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
51397NYR Daniel Makuch RWCANNCAAClarkson University
51498PHI Thomas Eriksson DSWESwedish Jr. Nationals
51599BOS Marco Baron GCANQMJHLMontreal Juniors
516100MTL Yvan Joly RWCANOHAOttawa 67's
517101NYI Glen Duncan RWCANOHAToronto Marlboros
518102HFD Mark Renaud DCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
519103WIN Thomas Steen CSWE5' 11"190Sweden
520104QUE Pierre Lacroix DCANQMJHLTrois Rivieres Draveurs
521105EDM Michael Toal CCAN6' 0"178WHLPortland Winter Hawks
Round: 6
RndPick Overall Team Player Pos Country Height Weight Amateur League Amateur Team
61106CLR Robert Attwell RWUSAOHAPeterborough Petes
62107STL Gilles Leduc DCAN6' 0"209QMJHLVerdun Black Hawks
63108DET Carmine Cirella LWCANOHAPeterborough Petes
64109WSH Greg Theberge DCANOHAPeterborough Petes
65110VAN Shane Swan DCANOHASudbury Wolves
66111MNS Brian Gualazzi RWCANOHASault Ste. Marie Greyhounds
67112CHI Doug Crossman DCAN6' 2"190OHAOttawa 67's
68113LAK Jay McFarlane DCANNCAAU. of Wisconsin
69114TOR William McCreary RWUSANCAAColgate U.
610115PIT Marc Chorney DCANNCAAU. of North Dakota
611116BUF Richard Knickle GCAN5' 10"155WHLBrandon Wheat Kings
612117AFM Glenn Johnson CCANNCAAU. of Denver
613118NYR Stanley Adams CCANOHANiagara Falls Flyers
614119PHI Gord Williams CCANWHLLethbridge Broncos
615120BOS Mike Krushelnyski CCAN6' 2"200QMJHLMontreal Juniors
616121MTL Greg Moffett GUSANCAAU. of New Hampshire
617122NYI John Gibb DCANNCAABowling Green State University
618123HFD David McDonald LWCANWHLBrandon Wheat Kings
619124WIN Tim Watters DCAN5' 11"185NCAAMichigan Tech
620125QUE Scott McGeown DCAN6' 1"190OHAToronto Marlboros
621126EDM Blair Barnes RWCANOHAWindsor Spitfires


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