Magnus Paajarvi-svensson
European Skater - Timra, SWEDEN
Final Rank:2Midterm Rank:2
Position:Left WingShoots:Left
Height:6' 1"Weight:201
Born:April 12, 1991
Born in:Norrkoping, SWE
Drafted: 2009: EDM (1st Round / 10th Overall) 

On his style of play: I’m an offensive type of player, a good skater, I want to go to the net and I want to drive to the net and make goals happen – just a pure offensive player.

On patterning his game: I wouldn’t mind to be like Markus Naslund, I can see myself compared to him, but I’m not looking at who I’m going to be compared to or anything like that.

On getting his start in hockey:
I played hockey when I was about six years old, my brother played, my father was a hockey trainer and my mother was in the hockey system so it was not a tough decision for me to play hockey. I have played hockey every year since I was six and I still love it.

On developing his skills:
I always played inline hockey outside. We didn’t have a lot of snow so I always played inline outside with my brother, his friends and my friends. Always after school and after practice we went out and played inline hockey.

On the biggest influence on his career:
I wouldn’t say just one person, I’d say especially my family; they helped me a lot.

On following the NHL:
When I was younger I didn’t watch the NHL that much, we didn’t have the channels, but now I watch NHL games at least once a week. Sometimes I look at to watch the highlights, I like to see Crosby, Ovechkin and all the big stars scoring goals and doing some sick moves. That’s what I like to see. When I see a good move, of course I want to do it in my own game, but it’s not easy to do it. I look and see, and try to develop my own – maybe not the same exact move, but surely it can help.

On playing in Sweden’s national tournament, TV-pucken: TV-pucken, I played in (the tournament) for three years in a row. It was a good tournament for me, especially the first one it was a little bit of a breakout for me -- we came in second. TV-pucken is a pretty huge tournament in Sweden, it’s followed by TV and there aren’t too many that are. It’s a good tournament, its fun and the whole country has seen it.

On playing for Team Sweden:
Every time I see the yellow or blue shirt I feel excited, I just love it. To see my own name on the shirt, I feel proud of myself and I just want to go out there and represent my country as good as possible.

On playing in the World Juniors at the age of 16:
It helped me a lot. The experience from the finals against Canada, when we lost 3-2 in sudden death overtime, it was a big loss for us, but (it gave me) the experience to know what is going to happen. Hopefully I can share it a bit with my new teammates in Ottawa.