Landon Ferraro
North American Skater - Red Deer, WHL
Final Rank:18Midterm Rank:13
Height:5' 11"Weight:165
Born:August 8, 1991Hometown:Vancouver, BC
Born in:Trail, BC, CAN
Drafted: 2009: DET (2nd Round / 32nd Overall) 

On his style of play: My greatest asset is my speed and just my hockey sense. I'm not the biggest guy out there, so I have to make sure I'm moving my legs all the time, trying to be a step ahead of everybody.

On patterning his game after current NHL players: I try not to do that as much as I can 'cause, I've always been taught, and I think this as well, that every player is their own player. They do something different than everybody else. So there are players that I like how he takes a shot here or, how he moves his feet. But I try and stay away from comparisons as much as I can.

On getting his start in hockey: When I started, I was playing with mini hockey sticks and playing with my older brother Matt when we were on Long Island with the Islanders with my dad. The first time I started skating I’m pretty sure was the Islander Christmas skate. I got my first pair of skates that were my brother's old ones. Me and my brother always used to play mini hockey as much as we could. We'd get to go to my dad's practices and go on the ice before or after. We were pretty lucky that way.

On being around an NHL dressing room growing up: I think the thing I took from that, as much as I could, is just to see how hard all the players work. But at the same time, just getting to see how much fun they get to have on a regular basis. Getting to go to practices, into the dressing room after the games, seeing how much joy the game brought to them. They get to do that in their 30s, their 20s. It's just something that makes you want to be able to do for the rest of your life.

On similarities with his father, Ray: The thing that really made him a really good player was his hockey sense, I think I've got that from him. But other than that, no. He didn't have the best shot so he tried to stay around the net as much as he could. I have a better shot than he does and I can skate better; he doesn't want to admit to it that much, but I'm pretty sure I’ve got him beat in skating.

On his dad’s WHL goal-scoring record (108): It was a different game back then. Not taking anything away, no other player scored 108 goals. But he likes to remind me. I remember getting my first (goal) last year and seeing a text message on my phone right after saying 107 behind. So he doesn't let me forget, but there's no extra pressure at all.

On his childhood hockey hero: For me it was Mats Sundin. I always loved how he used his size, how he skated. He could take a shot from anywhere and score. He's a player that can play in his own end, be counted on defensively, but a complete threat at the other end.

On his most memorable hockey moment:
It would have to be the Under-17 (World Hockey Challenge) -- getting to throw on the Canada jersey for the first time, getting to play on a national stage. I got to play against a Russian team when I was younger, but other than that, never gotten to compare the Canadian style to anyone else. It was fun to get to play against the Finns, some other teams, to see how they play.

On WHL life off the ice: I like to try and be in the middle of everything. I try and just bring some humor to the team. But most of our team, like most other teams, we're right around the XBOX 360. We have big NHL 09 tournaments. We just have fun that way, taking it easy.