Brandon Gormley
North American Skater - Shawinigan, QMJHL
Final Rank:6Midterm Rank:8
Height:6' 2"Weight:185
Born:February 18, 1992Hometown:Murray River, PEI
Born in:Charlottetown, PE, CAN
Drafted: 2010: PHX (1st Round / 13th Overall) 

On his hometown - Murray River, PEI: I’m from a pretty small town. You look at it. I think there's only 600 or 700 people in the town maybe. It's a big hockey community. You look down the line. There have been a lot of good hockey players that come out of there, Brad Richards, Danny Stuart and those guys that have all played in the Quebec league and obviously Brad has gone to the NHL. So I mean, it's kind of cool coming from a town like that, and not a lot of people expect you to become an NHL player or anything like that. But I know that's obviously the dream of every young kid growing up, so that's what I'm trying to do.

On NHL forward Brad Richards being from his hometown: Well, his family used to baby sit me. His sister Paige was actually my baby sitter. So we spent quite a bit of time down there. He was just starting in the Quebec Major Junior League at that time. So he was home sometimes but not a lot. I know it's definitely good to have those connections there and over the years, as my hockey career has kind of started to take off, he's been always there supporting me and giving me advice here and there, and I know especially my draft year now, it's been nice to have him there.

On Richards being his hockey idol growing up: He's definitely an icon for everyone in the province, and especially the community. Like I said only 500 or 600 people in the town, and when you get an NHL player from there, he's pretty much an icon to everyone. He's definitely someone I look up to and have looked up to the whole way.

On his style of play: It's pretty simple. It's not too flashy. I'm not going to wow everyone. Just keep everything simple and use smart plays and use my speed to avoid the forecheckers and get the puck up to the forwards as quick as possible.

On his path to the QMJHL: I started playing in Murray River, that's a minor hockey system there that's known pretty well for the amount of people that are in the area and then when I got to be 14, I decided to go west to Notre Dame, kind of follow in Brad's footsteps again, he helped me with that decision as well. It all kind of took off from there.
I left at 14, didn't really know what I was getting myself into or anything like that. Not a lot of parents let their kid leave home at 14. I mean, I was pretty happy my parents let me do that, and it's been a great opportunity for me to kind of get out there and it is definitely tough to leave home but at the same sense, it's every kid's dream to play in the NHL, and I thought that was my first step.

On leaving home at 14 to focus on hockey: It's been a big asset to me, especially kids when they go into major junior hockey, it's the first time away from home for most and they almost waste a half a year adjusting to the surroundings. So for me going to Notre Dame was kind of that first step and I was kind of taken care of. You grow up pretty quick, when you go out there, you leave at 14, you come home, it was a big change for me, but I had a lot of fun there.

On his most memorable moment so far: I've been pretty fortunate. There's been a lot of great moments but I mean probably the draft was a big one for me in the Quebec league, I go in first overall, it was pretty special, especially going to Moncton; it's a great team and great organization. I know the staff and everyone has been great there so far.
Also last summer at the Under-18’s, we got a chance to participate in that and we ended up winning gold there, so that was another definitely another highlight in my career.

On the tough times in his career: Going to Notre Dame was one of those. Especially at 14, you're not too mature at that point in time, and to kind of go out on your own and have your parents just kind of leave you there, it was difficult. But you definitely question it sometimes; is it really worth it and stuff like that, leaving all your friends and family. But it was definitely the right decision for me, and now I look back on it, I'm happy I did that and it's definitely been beneficial to me in my career so far.

On his thoughts about the Draft: It's going to be a fun time for sure. I got a chance to be at the NHL Draft last year, so I kind of know what to expect, but L.A., I haven't been to L.A. yet, and we are definitely looking forward to it here. There's a lot of obviously a lot of top prospects here, so we are getting a chance to talk about it kind of thing. We are definitely getting pretty excited.