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Round 2
Round 3
Stanley Cup Final

2014 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
2119 Jenys, Pavel CenterBrnoCZREP
3627 Kampf, David Right WingChomutovCZREP
816 Kase, Ondrej Left WingChomutovCZREP
5880 Prochazka, Martin Left WingLitomericeCZREP-2
3828 Pyrochta, Filip DefensemanBenatky N. J.CZREP-2
137129 Abdul, Jindrich Right WingVsetin Jr.CZREP-JR.
117101 Havlin, Tomas DefensemanLiberec Jr.CZREP-JR.
1018 Masin, Dominik DefensemanSlavia Jr.CZREP-JR.
127121 Rasner, Alex DefensemanOlomouc Jr.CZREP-JR.
114 Ruzicka, Marek Left WingTrinec Jr.CZREP-JR.
126123 Vesely, Radek Right WingChomutov Jr.CZREP-JR.
138111 Zohorna, Radim Right WingBrno Jr.CZREP-JR.
130114 Aagaard, Mikkel Left WingFrederikshavnDENMARK
131105 Ikonen, Juuso Left WingJYPFINLAND
11 Kapanen, Kasperi Right WingKalpaFINLAND
115110 Kinnunen, Saku Left WingKalpaFINLAND
6184 Nikko, Joni Left WingLukkoFINLAND
115 Mustonen, Aleksi CenterK-VantaaFINLAND-2
40 Bjorninen, Hannes Right WingPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
9592 Honkanen, Manu Left WingTPS Jr.FINLAND-JR.
3252 Kalapudas, Antti CenterKarpat Jr.FINLAND-JR.
130 Kangasniemi, Iikka Left WingBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
8186 Keskitalo, Miro DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
8258 Kiviranta, Joel Right WingJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
1413 Lammikko, Juho Right WingAssat Jr.FINLAND-JR.
3938 Lamsa, Teemu CenterTPS Jr.FINLAND-JR.
94 Lyytinen, Joonas DefensemanKalpa Jr.FINLAND-JR.
13582 Maekinen, Miro Right WingJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
127 Makinen, Atte Left WingJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
9770 Makinen, Atte DefensemanTappara Jr.FINLAND-JR.
116 Mattsson, Matias DefensemanLukko Jr.FINLAND-JR.
5775 Moberg, Sebastian DefensemanBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
116 Ojamaki, Niko Right WingAssat Jr.FINLAND-JR.
111109 Pitkanen, Miikka Right WingKalpa Jr.FINLAND-JR.
4756 Repo, Sebastian Right WingPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
6277 Rouhiainen, Jere DefensemanTappara Jr.FINLAND-JR.
7093 Siikonen, Miska Right WingPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
3142 Sopanen, Eetu DefensemanPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
4147 Tuulola, Joni DefensemanHPK JR.FINLAND-JR.
4598 Vainola, Ville DefensemanPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
139 Karjalainen, Miro DefensemanJokerit U18FINLAND-JR. U18
105 Eder, Andreas Left Wing/Right Wing/CenterBad Tolz Jr.GERMANY-JR.
120128 Kircher, Tobias CenterMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
104102 Loibl, Stefan Right WingLandshut Jr.GERMANY-JR.
103103 Michaelis, Marc Left WingMannheim Jr.GERMANY-JR.
122107 Niederberger, Leonhard Right WingKoln Jr.GERMANY-JR.
140 Peter, Balazs-szabolcz Left WingKrefeld Jr.GERMANY-JR.
124106 Pfohl, Fabio CenterKoln Jr.GERMANY-JR.
123104 Trinkberger, David DefensemanLandshut Jr.GERMANY-JR.
126 Volynec, Daniel Left WingEisbaren Berlin Jr.GERMANY-JR.

Playing for my favorite team growing up, I've probably scored that goal a million times in my driveway. It feels good to actually do it in real life.

— Dale Weise, who grew up a Canadiens fan, on scoring the overtime winner in Montreal's 5-4 victory against Tampa Bay in Game 1