2012 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
2141 Krutikov, Evgeni Left Wing
94 Matejcek, Martin Left Wing
2831 Tornkvist, Tobias Right Wing
129 Chalupa, Lukas DefensemanSlaviaCZREP
53 Hertl, Tomas CenterSlaviaCZREP
4039 Koblasa, Petr Right WingKarlovy VaryCZREP
28 Matus, Radim CenterTrinecCZREP
2622 Nemec, Erik CenterVitkoviceCZREP
7166 Nosek, Tomas Left WingPardubiceCZREP
9582 Plasil, Karel DefensemanHR. KraloveCZREP
6256 Prochazka, Martin Left WingSpartaCZREP
2521 Walker, Nathan Left WingVitkoviceCZREP
7572 Zadrazil, Matej Left WingKarlovy VaryCZREP
6058 Knot, Ronald DefensemanSlaviaCZREP-2
8675 Sulak, Libor DefensemanChomutovCZREP-2
9181 Bittner, Jan DefensemanLitvinov Jr.CZREP-JR.
7668 Hawlik, Adam DefensemanVitkovice Jr.CZREP-JR.
3923 Izacky, Jakub Left WingTrinec Jr.CZREP-JR.
3829 Kilnar, Ales Left WingVitkovice Jr.CZREP-JR.
124 Salak, Jan Left WingC. Jr.CZREP-JR.
8171 Slovacek, Ondrej Right WingVitkovice Jr.CZREP-JR.
9091 Spelling, Thomas Right WingHerningDENMARK
3326 Aaltonen, Miro CenterBluesFINLAND
4944 Auvinen, Henri DefensemanJYPFINLAND
108123 Haapala, Henrik Right WingTapparaFINLAND
10090 Hannikainen, Markus Left WingJYPFINLAND
5963 Kallela, Toni Right WingTapparaFINLAND
2738 Kulmala, Rasmus Left WingTPSFINLAND
116 Leino, Robert CenterHifkFINLAND
115121 Nattinen, Topi Right WingJYPFINLAND
84100 Nikko, Joni Left WingLukkoFINLAND
75 Pokka, Ville DefensemanKarpatFINLAND
2953 Rantakari, Otso DefensemanBluesFINLAND
27 Teravainen, Teuvo Left WingJokeritFINLAND
3025 Lehtonen, Mikko DefensemanTutoFINLAND-2
6160 Markkula, Samu Left WingJYP 2FINLAND-2
111111 Friman, Nico Left WingHIFK Jr.FINLAND-JR.
4232 Huovinen, Joonas Right WingAssat Jr.FINLAND-JR.
4654 Lindbohm, Petteri DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
1211 Lindell, Esa DefensemanJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
66 Oksanen, Ahti DefensemanBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
118 Salminen, Sami Right WingJokerit Jr.FINLAND-JR.
1724 Tikkinen, Niklas DefensemanBlues Jr.FINLAND-JR.
1110 Vainonen, Mikko DefensemanHIFK Jr.FINLAND-JR.
114 Hauner, Norman Right WingKolnGERMANY
4846 Zerressen, Pascal DefensemanKrefeldGERMANY
52 Ziegler, Sven Right WingEisbaren BerlinGERMANY
115 Botzenhardt, Thomas DefensemanRavensburgGERMANY-2
95 Eberhardt, Markus Left WingRiesserseeGERMANY-2
8262 Klein, Artem CenterCrimmitschauGERMANY-2


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