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2014 Draft Prospects - European Skaters

Final RankMidterm RankPlayerPositionLast Amateur ClubLeague
8457 Dervuk, Ilya DefensemanOmsk 2RUSSIA-JR.
4345 Vopelka, Lukas Right WingOrebroSWEDEN
125 Krajnak, Martin Left WingPardubice Jr.CZREP-JR.
40 Bjorninen, Hannes Right WingPelicansFINLAND
4756 Repo, Sebastian Right WingPelicansFINLAND
7093 Siikonen, Miska Right Wing/CenterPelicansFINLAND
4598 Vainola, Ville DefensemanPelicans Jr.FINLAND-JR.
3142 Sopanen, Eetu DefensemanPeliitatFINLAND-2
8587 Griger, David CenterPopradSLOVAKIA
5567 Hogger, Fabio CenterRapperswilSWISS-2
132113 Asperup, Matthias Left WingRodovreDENMARK
9865 Karlsson, Filip CenterRogleSWEDEN
3938 Lamsa, Teemu CenterSapkoFINLAND-2
12991 Schumacher, Andreas Left WingSeattleWHL
123104 Trinkberger, David DefensemanSioux CityUSHL
677 Nekolenko, Arkhip Left WingSka 2RUSSIA-JR.
8054 Orlovich-Grudkov, Denis Left WingSka 2RUSSIA-JR.
11333 Valentsov, Vladislav DefensemanSka 2RUSSIA-JR.
99 Aho, Sebastian DefensemanSkellefteaSWEDEN
6321 Lundberg, Arvid DefensemanSkellefteaSWEDEN
88100 Ohman, Anton DefensemanSkellefteaSWEDEN
9050 Holmstrom, Axel Right WingSkelleftea Jr.SWEDEN-JR.
710 Pettersson, Markus DefensemanSkelleftea Jr.SWEDEN-JR.
29 Soderberg, Andreas DefensemanSkelleftea Jr.SWEDEN-JR.
1018 Masin, Dominik DefensemanSlavia Jr.CZREP-JR.
54 Pastrnak, David Left WingSodertaljeSWEDEN-2
136124 Romancik, Ladislav DefensemanSodertalje Jr.SWEDEN-JR.
5880 Prochazka, Martin Left WingSpartaCZREP
10164 Klechkin, Sergei Right WingSpartak 2RUSSIA-JR.
71 Kruglikov, Ivan Left WingSpartak 2RUSSIA-JR.
8258 Kiviranta, Joel Right WingSportFINLAND
104102 Loibl, Stefan Right WingStraubingGERMANY
8186 Keskitalo, Miro DefensemanTPSFINLAND
9592 Honkanen, Manu CenterTapparaFINLAND
9770 Makinen, Atte DefensemanTapparaFINLAND
6277 Rouhiainen, Jere DefensemanTapparaFINLAND
121 Nilsson, Ludvig Left WingTimraSWEDEN-2
107108 Goransson, Mattias DefensemanTri-CityUSHL
114 Ruzicka, Marek CenterTrinecCZREP
2437 Bristedt, Leon CenterU MinnesotaBIG10
3828 Pyrochta, Filip DefensemanVal-D'orQMJHL
8789 Borgman, Andreas DefensemanVasterasSWEDEN-2
125112 Lantosi, Robert Left WingVita HastenSWEDEN-2
100 Liljendahl, Tobias CenterVita HastenSWEDEN-2
124106 Pfohl, Fabio Right WingWolfsburgGERMANY
1730 Gavrikov, Vladislav DefensemanYaroslavlRUSSIA
3731 Korshkov, Yegor Right WingYaroslavl 2RUSSIA-JR.
5426 Kraskovsky, Pavel CenterYaroslavl 2RUSSIA-JR.
112 Nikolayev, Andrei DefensemanYekaterinburg 2RUSSIA-JR.
6525 Tryamkin, Nikita DefensemanYekaterinburg 2RUSSIA-JR.


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