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Edmonton Oilers

Oct 5, 2006HOMEFlames10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  
Oct 7, 2006AWAYFlames10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  
Oct 12, 2006HOMESharks10:00 PM EDT ET-  
Oct 14, 2006AWAYAvalanche10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  
Oct 16, 2006AWAYCanucks10:00 PM EDT ET-  
Oct 17, 2006HOMECanucks9:00 PM EDT ET-  
Oct 21, 2006HOMERed Wings10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  
Oct 23, 2006HOMECoyotes9:00 PM EDT ET-  
Oct 25, 2006AWAYDucks10:00 PM EDT ETTSN  
Oct 26, 2006AWAYCoyotes10:00 PM EDT ET-  
Oct 28, 2006HOMECapitals10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  

Nov 1, 2006HOMEPredators10:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 3, 2006HOMEStars9:30 PM EST ET-  
Nov 7, 2006AWAYCanadiens7:30 PM EST ET-  
Nov 8, 2006AWAYRed Wings8:00 PM EST ETTSN  
Nov 10, 2006AWAYBlue Jackets7:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 12, 2006AWAYBlues2:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 13, 2006AWAYAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 16, 2006HOMEBlues9:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 18, 2006HOMERed Wings10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Nov 21, 2006HOMEFlames9:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 24, 2006HOMEBlackhawks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 28, 2006HOMEDucks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Nov 30, 2006HOMEAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  

Dec 2, 2006HOMEBlue Jackets8:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 4, 2006AWAYCanucks10:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 6, 2006HOMEHurricanes9:30 PM EST ETTSN  
Dec 8, 2006AWAYStars8:30 PM EST ET-  
Dec 10, 2006AWAYBlackhawks7:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 12, 2006AWAYPredators8:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 14, 2006HOMEWild9:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 15, 2006AWAYAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 19, 2006HOMEAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 21, 2006AWAYCoyotes9:00 PM EST ETHDNet  
Dec 23, 2006AWAYStars8:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 28, 2006HOMEKings9:00 PM EST ET-  
Dec 30, 2006HOMECanucks10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Dec 31, 2006AWAYFlames8:00 PM EST ET-  

Jan 2, 2007HOMEPanthers9:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 4, 2007HOMEStars9:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 5, 2007AWAYCanucks10:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 8, 2007AWAYKings10:30 PM EST ET-  
Jan 10, 2007AWAYSharks10:30 PM EST ET-  
Jan 12, 2007HOMEWild9:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 13, 2007AWAYFlames10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Jan 16, 2007AWAYWild8:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 18, 2007HOMEDucks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 20, 2007HOMEFlames10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Jan 26, 2007HOMESharks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Jan 27, 2007HOMEKings10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Jan 31, 2007HOMEBlue Jackets10:00 PM EST ET-  

Feb 1, 2007AWAYCanucks10:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 3, 2007AWAYAvalanche3:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Feb 6, 2007HOMECanucks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 9, 2007HOMEBlackhawks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 11, 2007HOMEThrashers8:30 PM EST ET-  
Feb 13, 2007AWAYBruins7:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 15, 2007AWAYSabres7:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 17, 2007AWAYMaple Leafs7:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Feb 20, 2007AWAYSenators7:30 PM EST ET-  
Feb 22, 2007AWAYBlue Jackets7:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 23, 2007AWAYRed Wings7:30 PM EST ET-  
Feb 25, 2007AWAYWild2:00 PM EST ET-  
Feb 27, 2007HOMECoyotes9:00 PM EST ET-  

Mar 1, 2007HOMEWild9:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 3, 2007HOMEFlames10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Mar 7, 2007HOMELightning10:00 PM EST ETTSN  
Mar 9, 2007AWAYDucks10:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 11, 2007AWAYSharks8:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 12, 2007AWAYKings10:30 PM EST ET-  
Mar 15, 2007HOMEWild9:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 17, 2007HOMEBlues8:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 19, 2007HOMECanucks9:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 21, 2007HOMEAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 23, 2007HOMEAvalanche9:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 24, 2007HOMEPredators10:00 PM EST ETCBC  
Mar 27, 2007AWAYPredators8:00 PM EST ET-  
Mar 29, 2007AWAYBlues8:00 PM EST ET-  

Apr 1, 2007AWAYBlackhawks3:00 PM EDT ET-  
Apr 3, 2007AWAYWild8:00 PM EDT ET-  
Apr 5, 2007AWAYWild8:00 PM EDT ET-  
Apr 7, 2007AWAYFlames10:00 PM EDT ETCBC  

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