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NOTE: OLN changes its name to Versus in September.
2006-07 Preseason schedule
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Oct 4, 2006SabresHurricanes7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Oct 4, 2006SenatorsMaple Leafs7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 4, 2006StarsAvalanche10:00 PM EDTVersus,TSN 
Oct 5, 2006Maple LeafsSenators7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 5, 2006CanucksRed Wings7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 5, 2006FlyersPenguins7:30 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 5, 2006FlamesOilers10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 6, 2006CanadiensSabres7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 7, 2006CanadiensMaple Leafs7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 7, 2006SabresSenators7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 7, 2006BluesKings10:30 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 7, 2006OilersFlames10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 10, 2006FlyersRangers7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Oct 10, 2006CanucksWild9:00 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 11, 2006CanadiensFlyers7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 12, 2006PenguinsRangers7:00 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 13, 2006SabresRed Wings7:00 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 14, 2006SenatorsCanadiens7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 14, 2006FlamesMaple Leafs7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 14, 2006StarsKings10:30 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 14, 2006OilersAvalanche10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 16, 2006HurricanesLightning7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Oct 17, 2006FlyersSabres7:00 PM EDTVersus,TSN 
Oct 18, 2006AvalancheMaple Leafs7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 19, 2006CapitalsThrashers7:00 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 19, 2006FlyersLightning7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 21, 2006StarsCoyotes10:00 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 21, 2006AvalancheCanadiens7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 21, 2006RangersMaple Leafs7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 21, 2006Red WingsOilers10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 23, 2006SabresCanadiens7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Oct 24, 2006DevilsPenguins7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Oct 25, 2006OilersDucks10:00 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 25, 2006SharksRed Wings7:30 PM EDTTSN 
Oct 26, 2006SharksPredators8:00 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 28, 2006Maple LeafsCanadiens7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 28, 2006SenatorsBruins7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 28, 2006PenguinsFlyers7:00 PM EDTHDNet 
Oct 28, 2006CapitalsOilers10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Oct 30, 2006BlackhawksFlyers7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Oct 31, 2006SharksPanthers7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 1, 2006Maple LeafsLightning7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 2, 2006Red WingsBlackhawks8:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 4, 2006Maple LeafsSabres7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 4, 2006Blue JacketsRed Wings7:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 4, 2006HurricanesSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 4, 2006CanucksAvalanche10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 6, 2006BruinsThrashers7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 7, 2006HurricanesDevils7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 8, 2006OilersRed Wings8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 9, 2006IslandersFlyers7:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 10, 2006PredatorsRed Wings7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 11, 2006FlamesCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 11, 2006SharksCoyotes9:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 11, 2006CanadiensMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 13, 2006FlyersPenguins7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 14, 2006DevilsRangers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Nov 15, 2006SenatorsSabres7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 16, 2006Maple LeafsBruins7:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 17, 2006PenguinsSabres8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 18, 2006DevilsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 18, 2006SabresSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 18, 2006AvalancheWild8:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 18, 2006Red WingsOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 20, 2006AvalancheStars8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 21, 2006HurricanesRangers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Nov 22, 2006Maple LeafsSabres7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 22, 2006BlackhawksFlames9:30 PM ESTTSN 
Nov 23, 2006CanucksPredators8:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 25, 2006BruinsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 25, 2006FlyersCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 25, 2006RangersPenguins7:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Nov 25, 2006CanucksAvalanche10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Nov 27, 2006StarsRed Wings7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 27, 2006DevilsKings10:00 PM ESTVersus 
Nov 29, 2006SharksWild8:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Nov 30, 2006StarsCapitals7:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 1, 2006RangersSabres8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 2, 2006Maple LeafsCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 2, 2006SharksRed Wings7:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 2, 2006AvalancheCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 2, 2006LightningSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 4, 2006BruinsCanadiens7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 5, 2006BlackhawksWild8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 6, 2006SenatorsCapitals7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 6, 2006HurricanesOilers9:30 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 7, 2006BluesRed Wings7:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 8, 2006FlyersDevils7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 9, 2006RangersSenators3:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 9, 2006Maple LeafsRed Wings7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 9, 2006AvalancheKings10:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 9, 2006CanucksFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 11, 2006PenguinsCapitals7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 12, 2006SabresDevils7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 13, 2006FlyersPenguins7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 14, 2006RangersStars8:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 16, 2006PenguinsCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 16, 2006WildCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 16, 2006FlamesCoyotes9:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 16, 2006RangersMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 16, 2006SenatorsSabres7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 18, 2006Red WingsBlue Jackets7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 19, 2006BluesPenguins7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 20, 2006Blue JacketsRed Wings7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 21, 2006OilersCoyotes9:00 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 23, 2006CapitalsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 23, 2006FlamesSharks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 23, 2006RangersLightning7:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 26, 2006BruinsBlue Jackets7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Dec 27, 2006FlamesCanucks10:00 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 27, 2006CanadiensCapitals7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 28, 2006HurricanesSabres7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Dec 28, 2006FlyersLightning7:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 30, 2006SenatorsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Dec 30, 2006CanadiensLightning7:30 PM ESTHDNet 
Dec 30, 2006CanucksOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 1, 2007BruinsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 2, 2007BlackhawksBlues8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 2, 2007LightningCanadiens7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 3, 2007StarsCanucks10:00 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 3, 2007SabresSenators7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 6, 2007RangersCanadiens3:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 6, 2007SabresMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 6, 2007StarsFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 7, 2007DevilsCanadiens3:00 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 9, 2007Red WingsAvalanche9:00 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 10, 2007SabresBlackhawks8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 13, 2007KingsBlues2:00 PM ESTNBC 
Jan 13, 2007CanadiensSenators2:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 13, 2007BruinsRangers2:00 PM ESTNBC 
Jan 13, 2007PenguinsFlyers2:00 PM ESTNBC 
Jan 13, 2007CanucksMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 13, 2007OilersFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 15, 2007AvalancheSharks10:00 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 15, 2007CanadiensRed Wings7:30 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Jan 16, 2007Blue JacketsBlackhawks7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 17, 2007FlamesStars8:30 PM ESTTSN 
Jan 20, 2007SabresCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 20, 2007Maple LeafsPenguins7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 20, 2007FlamesOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 27, 2007BruinsSenators3:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 27, 2007CanadiensMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 27, 2007KingsOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Jan 28, 2007StarsDucks3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Jan 28, 2007FlyersThrashers3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Jan 28, 2007AvalancheRed Wings3:30 PM ESTNBC,TSN 
Jan 29, 2007RangersBruins7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Jan 30, 2007PredatorsAvalanche8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Jan 31, 2007Maple LeafsRangers7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 1, 2007CanadiensPenguins7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 2, 2007BluesRed Wings7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 3, 2007OilersAvalanche3:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 3, 2007Maple LeafsSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 3, 2007CanucksFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 4, 2007PenguinsCanadiens2:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 5, 2007Red WingsRangers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Feb 6, 2007WildStars8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 7, 2007SenatorsSabres7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 10, 2007SenatorsCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 10, 2007ThrashersCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 10, 2007PenguinsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 10, 2007FlamesSabres7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 11, 2007AvalancheStars3:30 PM ESTNBC,TSN 
Feb 11, 2007LightningDevils3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Feb 11, 2007BlackhawksBlue Jackets3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Feb 12, 2007Red WingsFlyers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Feb 13, 2007DucksAvalanche9:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 14, 2007CanucksWild9:00 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 16, 2007PenguinsDevils7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 17, 2007ThrashersSenators3:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 17, 2007HurricanesCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 17, 2007OilersMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 17, 2007AvalancheFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 18, 2007SharksStars3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Feb 18, 2007BlackhawksRangers3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Feb 18, 2007CapitalsPenguins3:30 PM ESTNBC 
Feb 19, 2007BruinsFlyers7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 20, 2007FlyersSabres7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 21, 2007SharksCapitals7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 24, 2007SabresSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 24, 2007Maple LeafsFlyers7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 24, 2007SharksFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Feb 26, 2007ThrashersBruins7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 26, 2007DucksSharks10:00 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 26, 2007Maple LeafsCanadiens7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 27, 2007StarsLightning7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Feb 28, 2007HurricanesSenators7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Feb 28, 2007WildFlames10:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 1, 2007PenguinsRangers7:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 3, 2007SabresMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 3, 2007FlamesOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 4, 2007FlyersPenguins12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 4, 2007HurricanesThrashers12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 4, 2007AvalancheRed Wings12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 5, 2007IslandersRangers7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 6, 2007AvalancheBruins7:00 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 7, 2007LightningOilers10:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 10, 2007SenatorsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 10, 2007LightningFlames10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 11, 2007HurricanesRangers12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 11, 2007BruinsRed Wings12:30 PM ESTNBC,TSN 
Mar 12, 2007CapitalsThrashers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Mar 13, 2007BlackhawksSharks10:30 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 13, 2007SabresPenguins7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 14, 2007FlamesAvalanche9:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 15, 2007DevilsHurricanes7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 17, 2007Maple LeafsCanadiens7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 17, 2007Red WingsCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 17, 2007FlyersSenators7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 18, 2007KingsDucks8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 19, 2007PenguinsRangers7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Mar 20, 2007CoyotesWild8:00 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 21, 2007PredatorsCanucks10:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 21, 2007FlyersRangers7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 22, 2007CanadiensBruins7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 23, 2007Maple LeafsSabres8:00 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 24, 2007SabresMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 24, 2007PredatorsOilers10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 25, 2007RangersIslanders12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 25, 2007BruinsPenguins12:30 PM ESTNBC,TSN 
Mar 25, 2007BluesBlue Jackets12:30 PM ESTNBC 
Mar 26, 2007DucksRed Wings7:00 PM ESTVersus,TSN 
Mar 27, 2007KingsSharks10:30 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 27, 2007DevilsIslanders7:30 PM ESTVersus 
Mar 28, 2007HurricanesFlyers7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 30, 2007LightningHurricanes7:30 PM ESTTSN 
Mar 31, 2007PenguinsMaple Leafs7:00 PM ESTCBC 
Mar 31, 2007FlamesCanucks10:00 PM ESTCBC 
Apr 1, 2007BruinsDevils12:30 PM EDTNBC 
Apr 1, 2007Red WingsBlue Jackets12:30 PM EDTNBC 
Apr 1, 2007KingsSharks6:00 PM EDTNBC 
Apr 2, 2007BluesStars8:00 PM EDTVersus 
Apr 3, 2007SabresPenguins7:00 PM EDTVersus 
Apr 4, 2007CapitalsThrashers7:00 PM EDTTSN 
Apr 7, 2007CanadiensMaple Leafs7:00 PM EDTCBC 
Apr 7, 2007OilersFlames10:00 PM EDTCBC 
Apr 8, 2007BlackhawksStars1:00 PM EDTNBC 
Apr 8, 2007IslandersDevils1:00 PM EDTNBC 
Apr 8, 2007SabresFlyers1:00 PM EDTNBC,TSN 

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