Today, over one million kids across North America have participated in NHL Street - the easiest way to play hockey. Street hockey is the name of this game, and if you haven't gotten started, it's as easy as finding an NHL Street program center nearest you and getting into the game!

Kids love to play hockey! And NHL Street gives youth the chance to play the game in communities throughout North America. NHL Street brings hockey to schools, community centers and other places where kids can play in safe, structured environments.

To make the game even more accessible, the league provides equipment, instruction and a connection to the local NHL team. Once the program is in place, kids just lace up their sneakers and go!

Since 1994 NHL Street has donated several million dollars of street hockey equipment and instruction guides to local schools and recreation centers in NHL and minor league markets across the U.S. and Canada.

Through this fully funded network of structured youth recreational programs, over a million kids, ages 6-16, have learned the fun and joy of hockey, free of charge.

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